Will This HUGE Endorsement Just Landed by Ted Cruz Shake Up the Crowded GOP Field? [VIDEO]

Powerful conservative leader and new media mogul Brent Bozell announced on Friday his presidential endorsement for the 2016 presidential race, and while he thinks there are several good conservatives in the race, Bozell believes that the times require that we need more than just a “campaign conservative.”

Bozell, the founder and president of Media Research Center (MRC), CNS News and Newsbusters, said in his announcement that it’s time for a “principled, passionate conservative America can count on to restore her greatness.”

Bozell continued:

“We need a courageous conservative who tells the truth and does what he promises. We need to nominate an inspiring leader who has proven he is willing to take on the Washington Cartel and buck the political establishment of both parties.


We need a leader who will win, and reignite the promise of America. There are some good conservatives running for president, but we need more than a ‘campaign conservative’ – we need a consistent conservative who has led the fights important to us. Ted Cruz is this leader.”

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The iconic Bozell, the president of the Conservative Victory Committee, and founder of ForAmerica, has been a fighter for conservative values for more than three decades. His endorsement is a major win for the Cruz campaign and the clout of the Bozell endorsement may prove to be very difficult for the other GOP candidates to match.

If there are conservatives in America with more reach than Brent Bozell, it is a very short list.


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Matthew K. Burke
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