Will this Latest Move Finally Get Donald Trump to Release his Taxes?

In early 2015, Donald Trump appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and made a promise to release his tax returns should he run for president. After he officially entered the race, however, the promise to release his tax returns went by the wayside.

Trump has argued time and again that he cannot release his tax returns because he is being audited. The IRS, however, has said an audit would not preclude someone running for office from releasing their tax returns. In fact, Richard Nixon released his tax returns when he was running for president. Yet, Trump still insists that he cannot which brings about speculation as to what exactly he is trying to hide. Now, his long-time friend and now presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, is doing something that will put even more pressure on Trump to release his tax returns.

According to a source, who spoke anonymously with ABC News, Hillary Clinton will be releasing her 2015 tax return which will reportedly show an effective tax rate of 35% and charitable donations of 10%. In addition, her running mate Tim Kaine will release 10 years of his tax returns. The release of these tax returns could come as early as Friday.

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Some have speculated that Trump doesn’t want to release his tax returns because it may reveal that he isn’t as rich as he constantly claims to be. Others have wondered if Trump’s tax returns will reveal questionable business dealings and associations with groups like the mob or the Russians.

Since the 1970’s, every presidential candidate has released their tax returns but when Trump was pressed for information on his tax rate by George Stephanopoulos in May, he replied, “It’s none of your business. You’ll see it when I release, but I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.”

Will Donald Trump finally release his tax returns in response to this or will he continue to hide?

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