With Christmas Under Continued Attack, One Company Takes a Beautiful Stand


As time has gone by, we have seen Christians come under increasing attack in Obama’s America. The First Amendment rights of Christians have been attacked by state and federal government, as well as individuals who believe that Christians are the one religious group that is not entitled to their First Amendment right to religious liberty. This attack on Christianity began years ago in part with the with the attempt to ostracize Christmas making the phrase “Merry Christmas” become nearly banned from society and replaced with “Happy Holidays.”

Though we are lectured over and over again that we need to respect the culture and religion of immigrants that enter this country, as long as that religion is not Christianity, Christians have been treated with utmost disrespect in American society with leftist politicians going so far as to tell them that their prayers following the San Bernardino terrorist attack by Muslims were useless and that we just need to stop. The New York Daily News went so far as to put on their front cover an insult to all Christians and the Lord God Almighty saying, “God isn’t fixing this.”

Although the Christmas tree is seen by many to be a secular representation of the day of Christ’s birth, God-haters have objected to it because it has the name of Christ in it. So, there has been a push to strike the word from our vocabulary in place of a “Holiday tree” or no tree at all.

But, one company did not adhere to the striking of Christ out of Christmas and featured not only the Christmas tree, but the word Christmas in their commercial.

Toys R Us has a beautiful commercial that shows a street with all the houses decorated with lights for Christmas except one. At this one house lives an old man. A young girl watches the man, who looks sad, go into his house. Then, she leaps to action with her friend to implement her plan.

The two throw a Christmas tree over the fence, put it on a wagon and pull it to the man’s house across the street. Unbeknownst to him, they begin to decorate the tree, lights and all. They are smiling with joy as they light the tree, then the man opens the door and looks out as the children try to hide behind the tree.

I won’t give the rest away as this commercial is definitely worth the two minutes of your time that it will take to watch it. It is a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is about, giving selflessly to others. I hope you find it as heartwarming and touching as I did.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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