With the Stroke of his Pen, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Sends Strong Message to Foreign Invaders

While Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats inside the beltway of the DC bubble want to claim that our southern border has never been more secure, despite tons of documentation that proves their claim to be a lie, those who live in any southern state that borders Mexico know differently. Illegals crossing the border into America is not only out of control, Mexico has actually helped facilitate the massive influx of Central Americans illegally crossing the border into the United States. Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent a message of ‘enough.’

Illegals invading the United States has gotten so bad that they have been coached on what to say if they are stopped to help facilitate their easy crossing into America. Last summer, as massive numbers of illegals were crossing over the Texas border, Barack Obama’s response was to send them to various states around the country, the majority of which were historically red states.

On Tuesday, in response to this out of control flow of illegals over the Texas border, Abbott signed into law an $800 million border security package that will protect the 1,200 mile Texas southern border with an additional 250 state troopers, cameras, and a spy plane that will all be put in place to patrol the border. The state troopers will replace the National Guard units that were placed at the border by Abbott’s predecessor, Rick Perry, last summer.

The bill was fast tracked through the GOP controlled legislature which ended last week after its 140 days in session. It was signed into law during a ceremony held at the Department of Public Safety headquarters, which is located in Houston.

According to a statement released by Abbott’s office, the law will also “give prosecutors additional tools necessary to crack down on criminal cartel enterprises involved in human and drug smuggling.”

On signing the law, Governor Abbott said, “We cannot be naïve to the threat posed by drug cartels and transnational gangs. And Texas will not sit idly by while the federal government fails to do its job and secure the border. I’m proud to sign legislation to implement measures that will help provide for the safety and security of communities across Texas.”

On his Facebook page, Gov. Abbott announced this new law by saying, “I just signed the toughest, most comprehensive border security law of any state in the nation.”

God bless Texas.

h/t: ABC 13, KTRK

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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