Woman has Strong Words for Black Lives Matter After Police Shoot and Kill Suspect [VIDEO]

In America today, police officers are constantly questioned and second-guessed for their actions on the job. Violent “protests”  has erupted in numerous cities across the country as the anarchist Black Lives Matter group marches in the street demanding “justice” following a police-involved shooting.

The evidence to them is irrelevant. “Justice,” for them would be either the officer being charged and being found guilty, even if the evidence did not support such a charge or verdict, dead cops, as they have chanted for numerous times, or a defunding of police departments, which Black Lives Matter has also demanded.

On Wednesday night, an officer in Tacoma, Washington lost his life after responding to a domestic disturbance call. At approximately 5 pm local time, the suspect fired at the officer, hitting him. The officer was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The name of the 45-year old officer, who was a 17-year veteran of the Tacoma Police Department, has not yet been released.

The standoff continued for hours after the suspect killed the police officer until it finally ended at 3:30 am when officers were able to get a safe shot of the suspect and took it. The suspect had been using children, ages 8 and 11, as human shields and was in possession of multiple weapons in the home. Thankfully, the children were okay.

After the standoff ended, KIRO-TV spoke with the owner of the home, Christine Croskey. Croskey, who is black, said she attends the same church as the suspect, who was also black. While some may say that her ethnicity is irrelevant, in this case it actually is because it breaks the chains of hate and propaganda being pushed by Black Lives Matter since Croskey takes a very bold and public stand in defense of the police department.

Croskey, who was in the home during the standoff, didn’t share specific details since the investigation is ongoing. She did, however, have a powerful message for those who use situations such as this to demonize police as if they are using blacks are target practice or using excessive force against blacks just because they are black.

“I don’t want to hear anything about Black Lives Matter because All Lives Matter. I do not want to hear about the police officer being inhumane and shooting unnecessarily or any of those things. I want to say that the Tacoma Police Department handled this matter with such professionalism despite their own being shot, and I want to say that this situation did not have to occur.”

“I want to say that when you make poor choices and the response is someone being killed, if that may be the situation that ends at the end of this night, I want you to know that the Tacoma Police Department did any and everything that they could to protect and serve. They wanted to protect the life of him, his family, and anyone else that was involved in this matter.”

“I do not want to hear anything about the Tacoma Police Department did wrong. The Lakewood Police Department did wrong. I want people to start taking a long inventory of themself and see what they did wrong.”

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Croskey’s words, true as they are, will no doubt draw attack and criticism from those who seem to live to demonize police, second guess their actions and make them out to be a bunch of raging bigots who are reckless in their dealings with blacks. It’s a disgusting and dangerous narrative that has even been spread by Barack Obama himself.

Kudos to you, Ms. Croskey, for not being afraid to speak the truth about the situation by praising the Tacoma and Lakewood police departments for their heroic and professional actions. In doing so, she was able to get ahead of those who, given the history of the war on police that has been increasing daily, would no doubt attempt to use this tragic incident to loot, riot, and destroy a city while attacking police.

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Jennifer Burke
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