Woman Takes Stand Against Allowing ‘Transgenders’ to Use Women’s Restrooms; What Happens Next is Appalling

Residents of the City of Houston are voting today on what was dubbed by Annise Parker, the city’s first openly homosexual mayor, as the H.E.R.O., the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, otherwise known as the Bathroom Ordinance. This ordinance would allow any male who says that they identify as a woman to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. A no vote on Proposition 1 would eliminate this ordinance.

There has been a concern expressed by those in opposition to this ordinance that this will make innocent women and girls vulnerable to potential harm, not to mention forcing them to see a fully anatomical man, who simply says he is a woman, naked. Though Mayor Parker and those who wish to expose women and girls to potential perverts say that no harm will come to anyone, as if they have a magic ball and can predict the future, one opponent to this bathroom ordinance has already received a sick and disturbing threat.

Angela Zatopek is an international reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network. She’s also a vocal opponent of this perverted bathroom ordinance forced upon Houstonians, and anyone visiting the city, by Annise Parker. She made a video exposing Parker as a liar with her claims that fear of rape or other violent acts against women by men posing as women to access the most private of women areas is simply fear mongering.

You see, Zatopek herself has been threatened with rape by a supporter of Proposition 1.

In case you couldn’t fully see the threat, a man who identifies himself as Kevin Stoneking, wearing a shirt with the words “BORN THIS WAY” in rainbow colors, sent Zatopek a message.

I absolutely cannot wait for HERO to pass so I can dress up like a woman and follow you around and rape you in the bathrooms.


According to the Campaign for Houston’s Facebook page, Parker and other Prop. 1 supporters went mum and into hiding when Zatopek’s video was released. I guess they realized that the truth exposes them as the real liars.

The threat Zatopek has received is not silencing her vocal opposition to Proposition 1.

Don’t think the acronym of HERO is an accident. As the Campaign for Houston, and against this ordinance, stated, “The ordinance’s naming of these groups is a ruse in an attempt to hide the ordinance’s real purpose, which is to make “sexual orientation” and “gender identification” two new protected classes.”

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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