WOW: Ted Cruz, the Son of a Cuban Refugee, SHREDS Obama on Cuba Visit

Any American with a conscious should condemn the Obama Administration’s efforts with regards to Cuba. While many have long hoped for a reestablishment of a relationship with the neighboring island nation, Americans must now hang their head in shame as this relationship comes as a result of shameful groveling and appeasement.

Though the tyrannical Castro regime has instituted modest, astonishingly-minute social reforms, the communist regime is still as oppressive as ever.

In short: it’s great that someone in Havana can sell a toaster, but they still cannot vote or speak freely without the looming threat of torture and imprisonment.

The U.S. has received nothing from Cuba but more demands to release them from the embargo that has stifled the spread of communism in the Western hemisphere for over fifty years. Still, President Obama and his entourage has come to Cuba not to shine a light on the horrid human rights abuses taking place on the imprisoned island, but instead, to drink Mojitos and join dictator Raul Castro in criticizing America.

Though 2016 presidential candidate has been muted in any criticism of Obama’s handling of Cuba, fellow presidential contender and senator Ted Cruz has not equivocated on where he stands.

In a blistering op-ed published in POLITICO, Cruz, a senator of Cuban heritage whose father fled Cuba after Fidel Castro took control, called the move “appeasement” and rebuked Obama sternly.

Communist Havana has always been a magnet for the radical chic of the left, drawn like moths to the flame of this western outpost of totalitarian Communism,” Cruz begins by writing.

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Noting that Obama will “hang out” with Castro, Cruz notes,

“Meanwhile, political prisoners languishing in dungeons across the island will hear this message: Nobody has your back. You’re alone with your tormentors. The world has forgotten about you…

Until Obama, siding with the oppressed had always been America’s aspiration. We have done so not just out of an abiding sense of justice, but also for hard-nosed reasons of national interest. In Cuba the Castros have been the implacable enemies of the United States for more than half a century. It is in our interests to make common cause with the brave souls who oppose them.

Former Soviet political prisoner Natan Sharansky, for example, now a leading Israeli politician and a moral voice, was in the Gulag when President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union “the evil empire” in 1983. Afterward he said, “It was the brightest, most glorious day … our whole block burst out into a kind of loud celebration.”

This is why it is so sad, and so injurious to our future as well as Cuba’s, that Obama has chosen to legitimize the corrupt and oppressive Castro regime with his presence on the island.”

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President Kennedy’s weakness facilitated the defeat of the Bay of Pigs invasion that could have removed Castro from power over fifty years ago. His weakness invited further aggression with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Since that time, America has endured a communist dictatorship 90 miles from our shores and the trapped people of Cuba are left with few options other than live in the communist hellhole or risk dying at sea trying to float to America.

“The independent Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation says that 1,141 Cubans were detained for political reasons last month alone, following the 1,447 that were detained in January,” Cruz notes.

“So sycophancy is having the effect is always does: It is telling our enemies that they can behave with impunity.”

Cruz’s scathing comments take direct aim at Obama and his laughable promise to use the power of the presidency to influence change in Cuba.

“Just two months ago, the president told Yahoo News that he would only travel to Cuba “if, in fact, I with confidence can say that we’re seeing some progress in the liberty and freedom and possibilities of ordinary Cubans. … If we’re going backwards, then there’s not much reason for me to be there.”

I have news, Mr. President: No progress has taken place. Cuba is going backward.”

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In truth, Obama truly must be enjoying his trip to the communist nation. Cuba is a fiercely collectivist government with a strong centralized leader who is not compelled to listen to his legislative assembly or to the citizens. It is a place where the media dare not criticize the leader and phony talks of “social justice” are just guises to allow the despotic regime to abuse and suppress dissent.

In this view, it’s easy to see why President Obama has so yearned to embrace the communist regime that controls Cuba; it is precisely the vision he holds for America (if only it weren’t for those pesky citizens who cling to their guns and religion).

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