WOW: What this Woman Says to a Police Officer Will INFURIATE You

Nobody likes to get pulled-over by police. Sometimes, we hate getting caught. Other times, the ticket is entirely unwarranted and that irks just about everybody.

However, while fuming a bit after receiving a ticket is par for the course, few wish death upon the officer issuing the ticket.

In keeping with the war that currently rages against police officers all throughout our country, one Florida woman told a police officer that it was “no wonder” officers were getting killed. “You’re absolute a**holes!” the woman asserted.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy pulled-over a 62-year-old woman for going a whopping 31 miles over the speed limit…in a school zone, no less.

Clocked at 51 in a 20 MPH school zone, the woman received a ticket. When the officer handed her the ticket, she went nuts.

Deputy: Ma’am, ma’am.

Driver: What

Deputy: You are being cited for speeding. This explains what your options are. Drive safe.

Driver: You know what? No wonder you people get shot. You’re absolute “a**holes”

Deputy: OK, thank you ma’am. I appreciate that.

Driver: You’re welcome. Have a nice day.

Deputy: Drive safe.

The officer returned calmly to his vehicle and the department placed the dashcam footage on YouTube.

“This is a deputy trying to make sure that children are safe and don’t get killed in a school zone. He was doing his job. And I think it’s totally unacceptable for somebody to talk to a deputy or any law enforcement officer like that, when that’s what they are trying to do to protect our children,” Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said.

Listen- we get it. Nobody likes getting a ticket. However, a man simply doing his job and behaving professionally should not endure this kind of heated vitriol.

Further, let’s consider who did wrong here: while it may be utter nonsense to cite someone going 5 miles over the speed limit, this woman was cruising at 51 MPH in a 20 MPH zone.

This kind of footage needs to serve as a counterbalance to the #BlackLivesMatter lawlessness that infects our country. All around the nation, police are being demonized and endangered by the heated rhetoric of racists who believe that their warped sense of social justice should compel violence against the very people who serve and protect our communities.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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