You Can Thank the Failed Department of Education for This Hair-Raising Video

Evil progressive leftists began the rewriting of American history and the dumbing down of America decades ago. And by George (pardon the pun), they have now officially completed the deal.

One would think that as dumbed down as American society has become, even the most air-headed zombie would know the answer to the no-brainer, “Who is Washington, D.C. named after?”

Enter media analyst Mark Dice, who released the video below, highlighting random beachgoers in San Diego unable to answer this most basic of questions. It’s almost like asking, as the old joke goes, “Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?”

Finally, Dice finds one gentleman, looking to be in his 50’s, who instantly answers “George Washington,” the correct answer, while commenting that Dice won’t have a lot of luck getting the correct answer out of “millennials” who he predicts “aren’t going to have a clue.”

Hilariously, when Dice asked one useful idiot sporting an “I Love D.C.” t-shirt, “Our nation’s capitol is named after who?” the man who loves Washington, D.C., answers, “I don’t know,” while looking downward in shame. Unbelievably, the dupe even gets the “Washington” part correct — finally — but can’t remember Washington’s first name.

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Amazingly, one lady even guesses, “Lincoln,” before an Italian tourist immediately gives the correct answer, which speaks volumes.

Watch below as the dumbfounded and duped are stumped, scrambled, perplexed and disillusioned looking around for help, asking if they can “Google it,” etc.

You can thank the failed federal Department of Education, which began destroying the American education system in the late 1970’s, for this disastrous and embarrassing results.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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