You Will Not Believe Who Jeb Bush Demands to Host a Future GOP Debate

After the disastrous CNBC GOP debate in which leftist moderators sounded more like Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party operatives, Republican presidential candidates have been fighting to have the debates changed to ensure that leftists would no longer be allowed to moderate GOP debates.

But not Jeb Bush.

Pro-amnesty Jeb Bush, who in 2009 self-identified as a “Hispanic” in a 2009 Florida voter registration, and who urged American citizens to be more respectful to illegal foreign invaders earlier this year, is butthurt that the Spanish-speaking Telemundo channel is on the list of channels that recently were removed from hosting a GOP debate.

Telemundo has the exact same parent company as both NBC News and CNBC, which hosted the last train wreck of a debate. All of the above are unofficial members of the corrupt Democrat Media Complex in the leftstream media.

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Newsmax reports that in the private meeting of GOP candidates who were meeting to discuss changes in upcoming debates, Jeb Bush campaign manager Danny Diaz argued that Telemundo, the second-largest Spanish language network next to Univision, should be given a reprieve.

The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski threatened to boycott any debate moderated by Telemundo.

It’s easily understandable that Jeb Bush would want to debate on a Spanish network. Bush has been no stranger to pandering to illegal aliens, even going to the extreme to wish America a “Happy Cinco de Mayo” in Spanish.

Ten days ago, the RINO establishment squish Jeb Bush announced drastic cuts to his campaign, in a last ditch effort to stay afloat.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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