You’ll Cheer When You See What These Missouri College Students Did to the ISIS Flag

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The Muslim terrorist group ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was referred to by Barack Obama as a JV team, insinuating that the group was insignificant and not a threat to the world. Even after the group began to rise in their power, destruction, and killings, Obama still sent the message that the group’s actions were meaningless by partying it up with his buddies on the golf course after the beheadings of Americans by ISIS.

But, at the University of Missouri, the Young Americans for Liberty (MU-YAL) sent a completely different message about ISIS than Obama. They held a rally which culminated with the burning of the ISIS flag.

The group sent out an official announcement for the event in which they called out ISIS for their atrocities.

“ISIS has violated the liberties and freedoms of millions of people through genocide, deadly religious persecutions, modern-day enslavement, sexual violence, use of a chemical weapon, beheadings and mass executions.”

The group had secured the proper permits and permission from the university for their demonstration, then went to work in their very public demonstration. The rally was held to honor in general those victims of terrorism, but specifically those who were killed by ISIS. At the event, they held a hot dog barbecue, a moment of silence for the victims, and burned a homemade ISIS flag as the crowd chanted, “USA! USA! USA!”

Ian Paris, the president of the university’s chapter of YAL, did the honors of burning the ISIS flag. He placed the flag in a fire pit, doused it with lighter fluid, then lit it on fire with a barbecue lighter as onlookers cheered.

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Local station ABC17 broadcast the burning of the flag live and posted it to their Facebook page. Paris also shared with several news publications the reason for the group’s demonstration as well as stressing that he does not have an issue with Islam in general, but rather Muslim terrorists like ISIS specifically.

“There’s a coalition of students that are coming together,” he said, according to the College Fix. “I am hoping we use this to unify our voice and maintain our message. I want this event to open the dialogue … about U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East rather than it just be a one-off thing.”

Paris said his issue isn’t with Islam in general, but rather the radical factions of followers who kill in the name of their religion. “I consider it a very wholesome religion,” he said, according to The Washington Times. “It’s not mine in particular, but I am filled with regret and sadness when people around me associate Islam with ISIS. ISIS has perverted and distorted the true values of Islam, which I consider one of the greatest atrocities they have committed.”

Though the group received a great deal of support for their demonstration in opposition to ISIS, they also received some criticism from those who are afraid that the university will now be a target for retaliation by Muslim terrorists.

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To this fear, Paris said, “If I succumb to the fear of ISIS objecting to my actions, I have succumbed to the terrorists.” WATCH as the MU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty burn the ISIS flag.

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