You’ll Never Guess What Leftists are Now Saying is Racist

Just when you thought the out of control, over-sensitive, judgmental political correctness fascism couldn’t get any worse, it does. Back in 2010, four boys were sent home from school for wearing American patriotic t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

Even worse, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the case just last year, stating that the Constitutional rights of the students were not violated and that the school was within its right to ban the U.S. flag so as not to offend students of Mexican descent. Now that people have had their rights stripped of them, being told that they cannot celebrate America, a Mexican student now wants to tell Americans not just what they can wear, but what they can eat and say on Cinco de Mayo and beyond.

Dani Marrero is a Mexican student who grew up in Texas, but now attends school in Boston. As we neared Cinco de Mayo, Marrero felt that the country made her the judge and jury in deciding what Americans can and cannot do, say, or wear, so as not to offend Mexicans. USA Today gave her the platform to do so.

Taking issue with parties where people wear sombreros, fake mustaches, and ponchos, Marrera made herself the self-appointed spokesperson for the 122.3 million Mexicans and 12.5 million Mexican immigrants. She said, “We have said time and time again. Our culture is not for you to create costumes out of.”

Describing such garments as ‘racist,’ Marrera had a suggestion on what people could do instead. She encouraged people to take this money and instead go “to the nearest bookstore” for “books by Chicano/as, memoirs by Mexican-Americans.” She adds, “Find out who Gloria Anzaldúa is.”

The Daily Caller identifies Gloria Anzaldúa as “an obscure feminist and queer theorist who believed learning a country’s language is “linguistic terrorism.””

But, she didn’t stop there.

After demanding respect and calling for the end to jokes about ‘wetbacks,’ she has other lessons for white Americans, who she disrespectfully, and hypocritically, calls ‘gringos’ on both her Facebook and Twitter pages.

She had some words for fraternities and sororities. She does not want them altering certain words to phonetically match their Greek names. “Don’t modify our words to phonetically match your fraternity or sorority name,” she demanded. Marrero shared specifics about her complaints regarding such parties, though she doesn’t say if she has ever actually attended one. (Much like the people who accuse conservative talk radio hosts of all kinds of things though they have never listened to their show.) She said these parties “are packed with non-Mexican students dressed in sombreros and ponchos holding a Tecate or Corona. And they probably all love Taco Bell.”

Wow. They probably all love Taco Bell? Judgmental much? Not only is she the top cop of the PC police, she must have a super powers to be able to read into the minds of everyone who has ever attended a Cinco de Mayo party.

Marrero then felt the need to police your words and her demands in this regard are absolutely ludicrous.

If you’ve ever referred to guacamole as guac, you’re a racist, according to Marrero. She said, “Stop calling guacamole ‘guac.’” She says the word “has significance as it comes from indigenous Nahuatl language, so please make the effort to pronounce it in its entirety.”

Marrera also takes issue with what Americans refer to as salsa, or more specifically, how it is made here. Our ‘smashed tomatoes’ are just a disappointment to her.

You see ladies and gentlemen (Oops, is that sexist?), literally everything is racist — everything, especially if it’s said or done by someone of a certain skin color, white.

It’s the Obama way.

h/t The Daily Caller

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