You’ll Never Guess Why Progressives Got this Portion of a Freedom Festival Shut Down

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The Western Freedom Festival is scheduled to be held in Cedar City, Utah. As part of the celebration of western culture, lifestyle, heritage, family values and freedom, fifth grade students from the Iron County School District were supposed to perform patriotic songs.

Their performance, which was called Hope for America, was based upon information learned in their history classes which would have been a great way to apply and develop further understanding of American history. But, the plan for student participation has been scrapped after some of the parents complained that the festival, which is held to celebrate freedom and American history, is nothing but a bunch of conservative, partisan propaganda.

Sadly, the school district caved to this anti-American claptrap of complaints by a small group of rabble rousers and pulled the students from the program.

Steve Burton, district elementary education director for Iron County Schools, spoke with The Salt Lake Tribune about the complaints and why the district decided to cave. Burton explained, “We’ve stepped out of our participation. It’s our policy not to be involved in events that have a political agenda.”

The district took this position despite commissioners of the six counties which participate in the event being adamant that the event was not partisan. But, they complied and canceled the student portion as well due to the complaints that the celebration of American freedom is somehow partisan.

Iron County Commissioner David Miller said, “We don’t want to put our school districts or any of our community in a place where they’re uncomfortable with what we’re doing. They’re making such a big stink it’s not worth it. They can have their way.”

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Event organizers explain on their website the reasons behind the festival, and it does relate to what they see as an attack on western culture.

The western freedom festival is intended to celebrate our heritage and culture and bring awareness to the efforts that are negatively impacting those cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Event organizers believe western culture and tradition is under assault and that conservative family values, faith, hard work and entrepreneur-ism is being displaced by negativity toward these values. The event organizers feel that, honest hard working Americans are being put out of business, targeted and discriminated against and entire industries dependent upon natural resources are being destroyed while wealth building jobs continue to be outsourced to foreign nations. The western freedom festival is an attempt to educate the world about the negative impact policies are having on the health, safety and welfare of citizens in the west.

Utah congressman Chris Stewart said it best “the federal government has been a lousy landlord for western states”. It is time to let the world see and understand what is happening to the good people of the west.

Garfield county commissioner Leland Pollock states: “The western freedom festival is a response to all of the abuse western rural communities have been dealing with for years. We know we have solid cultural values, however we are constantly under attack by special interest groups, the federal government and many other forces that are constantly trying to change our lives. The land is our life-blood, we are surrounded by an ocean of public land yet the freedom to use that land is vanishing. One would never think our religious freedoms would be under attack, yet we all know what has happened regarding christian values. This is not a one night celebration, this is our chance to stand on the national stage in front of the national news and make a difference.”

Iron county commissioner David Miller states “This is an opportunity to celebrate who we are, what we stand for, and what we are willing to do going forward to stop abuse of our citizens health, safety and welfare, these are the most patriotic people on the planet who would do anything to preserve their heritage and culture, it is our job as elected officials to protect and defend that.”

The fact that a small group of loud mouthed progressives were able shut down kids participating in a festival celebrating American freedom and western culture is quite telling. Even more ironic is the fact that Darryl Worley is scheduled to be the headliner musical act.

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One of the songs that Worley is best known for is “Have You Forgotten,” a song that he recorded following the attack on America by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001. In that attack, two planes were crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center and the world watched horrified as people made the decision to jump to their deaths rather than die in the fire. Over 3.000 Americans died that day including all of those on United Flight 93 whose passengers revolted and brought their plane down before the terrorists could take it to their intended target. The Pentagon was also a site of terrorist attacks that day.

Perhaps these progressives have forgotten that horrible day when America was attacked by Muslim terrorists on our own soil. They’ve forgotten how the country came together, despite partisan differences, the very next day on September 12 to stand together as Americans and send a message that we would not be defeated and to celebrate the greatness of America.

In case they need to be reminded and have forgotten, here is that song. How far we’ve fallen from that surge in American pride after that day in 2001, and we are worse off as a nation because of it.

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