Young Patriot Develops App to Stop PTSD Night Terrors. Where’s HIS Invite to the White House?

A remarkable young man helped invent something that can greatly aid our American heroes who suffer the effects of trauma as a result of their military service. The college senior has developed an app that can help former soldiers with PTSD who suffer from night terrors- the extreme nightmares that can have terrifying and damaging effects on a warrior’s life years or decades after his service.

Still, while Ahmed the “Clock Boy” earned an invite to the White House for being Muslim and having dissected a store-bought clock to fabricate a controversy, Tyler Skluzacek probably shouldn’t expect an invitation to the White House.

Skluzacek’s father is an Iraq War veteran and when he was in sixth grade, his father came home from the war and suffered from night terrors.

Now a senior at Macalester College, Skluzacek teamed with fellow students to develop a smart phone/smart watch app that senses when the person is having a night terror and vibrates to make the terrors stop while allowing him or her to continue sleeping.

USA Today reports on the amazing new technology that could be in trials by early spring.

Macalester College senior Tyler Skluzacek said he was in sixth grade when his dad, Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Skluzacek, spent a year in Iraq.

Patrick Skluzacek now has night terrors, which according to the Mayo Clinic, “are episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep.”

Tyler decided to “try to create something that will help (his father) sleep better. That’s what it’s all about.”

Tyler and his team, “The Cure,” wrote code and created a smart watch app called myBivy, short for bivouac — a temporary camp or shelter.

The app tracks heart rate and movement with the goal to predict night terrors.

“After a couple weeks of tracking the soldier we can find … the exact symptoms of the onset of the panic attack and try to use the watch or use the Android phone to disrupt that or take them out of the deep sleep but keep them asleep,” Tyler said.

Tyler said the app will use sound or vibration to prevent night terrors.

The app is so much more profound than 99.99% of the apps on the market and can make a real difference.

This young man, along with his fellow students, has done a great service for those who have sacrificed so much for America. Still, with the unbelievably-partisan Obama Administration, it would seem that Skluzacek’s invention will likely go unnoticed by the administration that values the faux-contributions of a Muslim hoaxster than the legitimate technological contributions of a young patriot.

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