5 Signs Your Cat is Depressed


It is not just humans, cats can also suffer from depression, just like us. Cats are very well aware of their environment; they are perceptive and intelligent creatures. They are quite reactive social situations as well.

Cats can get depressed because of various reasons such as when a family member passes away when a new family member comes when a family member moves out of the house, or there is a change in homes or renovation. For example, the daughter was very attached to the cat;  they grew up together, and then she moved out for college or got married, which can cause the cat to become depressed.

The real question is how would you know if your cat is depressed? You don’t speak cat-language.

Here are five signs that can help you find out!


Well, cats are known for being lazy, they are the real sleeping beauties. It may be normal for your cat to be sleeping 20-17 hours a day, but you might get worried if your cat is not being able to separate its cat-napping from normal daily activities. It is worrisome if your cat, apart from the lethargic naps, isn’t enjoying playing, hunting, or being curious around the house. It would be not bothered by the box, it won’t be bothered by treats, it would just be very laid-back and that means it is depressed.


Cats love grooming themselves, you must have noticed that they can spend hours grooming themselves and getting tidy. If you see that your cat is grooming less or if its coat is becoming knotted, thicker and dirtier/dull, it means something is wrong with your cat. You can opt for a soft grooming brush or even a grooming glove so you could help your cat groom itself and pet it at the same time.


This is the biggest sign you can get that your cat is not feeling upbeat! Cats have a love relationship with food like no other. No matter how old or lazy your cat gets, it always gets excited about food. As soon as they hear the can crack open, especially small kittens, they cannot stop meowing and getting desperate for it.  The decrease in the appetite of your cat can also be a sign of illness other than depression. Maybe they have upset digestion or something like that, so it is best to take them to the vet to get a whole check-up.


It is normal for cats to meow constantly but if your cat is depressed then the vocals might change or naturally sound unhappy. Some outsiders might not be able to notice but cat owners who are used to the certain kind of meowing of their cats do can easily differentiate any change in tone.


While it is normal for a cat to be very moody and ask for affection when they want and if you try to do extra, then well, you are scratched! But if you notice your cat is running away from affection or even human interaction even in situations when it normally wouldn’t have bothered, then it is time to worry! Your cat is purposely trying to isolate itself, just like humans do when they are depressed they want to be left alone or limit interaction. If you see such behaviors in your cat that means there is something about the environment that is making it uncomfortable and insecure.


As a cat owner, we understand how it feels when your pet is going through something like this. You want to try everything in your power to make it better for them. They can’t express themselves in words or understand yours, so you would have to communicate through actions.


You can make some environmental changes for your cat like relocating its feeder to a new spot or getting it a new bed to sleep in or maybe a new toy. But be mindful that this changing of the whole scenario might get a little unsettling for your cat, so do not over-do it!


Bring a cat tree so that your cat can have a space of its own and can feel at ease. Cats are instinctively climbers, they feel safe when they are at a height; they feel like they have control over the environment. So it’s best if you get a multi-tier tree so it can climb its way to the top


You could install different apps on your tab or phone for your cat like the fish app on your phone, cats love that app. They pretend to catch fishes and it keeps them busy. Windstream Service offers great internet packages and deals to make your downloading easier. Your cat also deserves a lag-free experience.


Not just for humans, but getting your body to move is important for animals too otherwise they’ll gain weight and become lethargic. If your cat is becoming depressed it is possible it is because of decreased physical activity. So take out 15 mins every day to play with your kitty. Buy a mouse hunt toy, most cats love this toy, and like chasing after it. Even the old cats that are out of energy get intrigued by it. Maybe if your cat is going to do more physical activity it is going to feel better and up-beat.


You might want to take your cat out on a walk to your nearby park or for just a stroll on the street. There are cats that enjoy going out on a walk and seeing the outside world. It is in line with their wild nature. Since your cat can’t tell you itself, it’s your duty to find out what your cats want or enjoy doing.


It is possible for cats to feel depressed and as the owner, you have to experiment with different things to find it out what’s wrong with them and fix it for them. I hope these tips and tricks will help you out.


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