7 Ways to Create a Stylish Bathroom Mirror

Want to create a stylish mirror that’s the focal point of your bathroom? It’s easier than you may think. By framing a plain mirror, you can add texture or a pop of color to your bath. The shape of the mirror you choose also changes the overall look of your bathroom. Here’s a look at seven vanity mirror ideas for creating a unique accent piece.


With its clean lines and unfussy appearance, a minimalist frame adds modern elegance to your bathroom. Even a plain frame in a matte black finish can lend a sleek contemporary look to your bath. You may want to choose a simple silver band, available in a variety of mirror frame sizes, or a slender stainless steel frame with a brushed nickel finish.


Like swimming pools, mirrors are often rectangular or round, but why not go with a more unique shape – one with some elegant curves. A mirror with a simple arched design, for example, offers an effect that is both modern and artistic.

Distressed Wood

Do you love the shabby-chic look? It’s easy to refresh a plain mirror by framing it in stylish distressed wood. Any type of weathered wood is great for bringing a cozy rustic vibe to your bathroom.


A mirror with a traditional decorative look easily becomes the focal point of your bathroom. Whether you choose a gold gilt mirror or one with an elegant leaf scroll border, an ornate mirror adds a touch of drama to your vanity space.


Do you have double sinks and double mirrors? Why not change things up and replace those ho-hum mirrors with one large mirror, which you can easily find in various mirror frame sizes, that stretches across both sinks? You’ll create a contemporary look with an expansive reflective surface that opens up the appearance of your bathroom.


Is a pink leatherette frame your style? You may be craving Hollywood-style elegance in your vanity space. Another chic way to achieve a glam look is with a frame made of shimmery gold mosaic glass tiles. A crackled glass mosaic frame in a jewel tone such as turquoise can achieve a similar effect.


Use a basic wood frame for your mirror, apply a couple of coats of paint and voila – you have a stylish mirror to highlight your bathroom. Whether you choose a bright blue shade that’s reminiscent of the Greek Isles or a more sedate spa-like green, a colorful bathroom mirror beautifully brightens the room.

Whatever your style preference may be, whether minimalist, glam, traditional, rustic or something else altogether, you can easily transform the look of your bathroom with a mirror that lends decorative flair to your space.