You make a happy life for yourself by making other people happy. Even the worst of people have a bad day. On days where everything just seems wrong, you feel upset for no reason, and/or everything gets on your nerves. Life can sometimes be very difficult, and there is nothing worse than seeing a friend or loved one in pain. Follow one or two of these easy tips to make someone happy and make someone’s day better.

Give a Hug

It may sound cliche, but hugging actually relieves stress and can make the other feel a lot better. Hugging is a great stress reliever for both sides and is very helpful when you fall short of words. Research suggests that oxytocin, a chemical that is a natural stress preventer, is released in the brain when hugging.

just listen

Sometimes letting things out can make a person feel better, whether it’s anger, frustration, stress about something, letting it out of their system, and also someone you trust really work wonders. Therefore, they can tell it about their day or it is bothering them. To show your support, all you need to do is listen. Just listen to the details of that terrible day, do not interrupt, do not try to give advice, just listen carefully with interest. Sometimes a trustworthy person is there to talk to everyone in need of a bad day.

Send an uplifting song or playlist.

Sometimes it is difficult to put your thoughts into words. Leave it to the pros by postponing a favorite song, or better yet, to a thoughtful playlist. It can be angry, cheerful, apathetic – whatever your friend needs to get him/her through the tough times.

Watch a movie together.

Watching a movie alone is not always as entertaining as watching with a friend. Find something on Netflix, make some popcorn, and watch it from your homes. You can count and press the game at the same time or download the Netflix party to sync and place a chatbox on the side.

Favorite treat

If you find yourself helpless in making them happy, you can treat them with their favorite food. Trust us, and food never fails to make things better.

Send a motivational text

It is always good to know that someone is rooting for you. Whether you think of a simple “thinking of you – hang in there!” Or scour Pinterest for your favorite quote/graphic combo; a little inspiration would be appreciated.

Send gift

Have you ever tried to give flowers or cakes or simple gifts even when there is no special occasion? Surprising someone without any special reason will brighten his/her day. It will help people to smile brilliantly despite all the problems they face in life. Avail online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or wherever you reside and surprise them with doorstep delivery.

Remind them that they are not alone

Despite facing all the difficulties, always remind them that you are there to support them in every way. Never let them feel that they are waking up alone. Tell them to be kind to themselves and not compare themselves to other people they think are happier and better than them.


Do you know that the easiest and most effective way to make someone happy is to look at him and smile first? Sharing your smile is a sign of peace and friendship. This will give a positive face that will definitely make the people around you happy and comfortable. Your smile makes life more colorful and beautiful. So if you have a smile, give it to the people you value the most.

Remember, when you are happy, everything around you seems cheerful and positive.