A Guide to arranging the Furniture in Your Living Room


When you want to make your living room look like a paradise, the best place you want to relax, there are some factors that you must consider. You want the living room to look more attractive, peaceful, and orderly. It is a bit challenging to determine where you will position the tables, chairs, sofas, and other assets you have in the house.

If you have a larger contemporary sofa, and you are wondering how you are going to arrange it in the living room, then this post is for you. Continue reading for some tips on how to arrange furniture and achieve the best interior décor in the house.

Measure your room

Before you can think about arranging the furniture in your living room, you must know the dimensions of the room. Get hold of the tape measure and find out the exact measurements of the living room. With the measurement at hand, you can now determine where precisely to position all the furniture in the room.

Where is the focal point?

The first question you are going to ask yourself is the position of the focal point in the room. This is the place you want your most attractive furniture to rest. It is probably the first place a visitor will normally look at whenever they enter your living room. The choice of the focal point will depend on whether your house has a television set or a heating furnace.

If you have a television set, then you want everyone in the living room to get a view. That means you must achieve a viewing angle of about 30 degrees and ensure you place the sofas about eight feet away from the TV. In case you have a heating furnace, then, a cost deep seat sofa will help because you want to create more room for conversation and ensure everyone can get warm in the house.

Arrange the ottomans and tables in the middle

Once you have set the focal point, it is now time to arrange other furniture appropriately. Here is how to go about this:

  • Put the ottoman right in the middle of the chairs and sofas
  • Ensure there is some space (about 8 feet) between the sofa and coffee table
  • In places where people are likely to pass, ensure there is about 30 inches space between the furniture
  • If you have a small living room, then consider having nested chairs that only expand when in use
  • Ensure the sofas don’t contact the living room walls. The furniture should be parallel to the walls to create some sense of unity

Separate the living room

If you have a larger living room, then you can separate by creating more seating areas. Most people prefer having a dining area just close to the living room. With a large L-shape sofa, you can separate the living room and create more space for your family.

Final thought

Arranging your living room may sound a bit hard if you don’t have the right furniture in the house. You must always ensure your living room has enough space to accommodate the contemporary furniture you have. If you’re looking for the very best range in contemporary furniture, we strongly recommend viewing Adventures in Furniture. They have a beautiful selection of sofas, dining tables, sideboards, dining tables and so much more. Enjoy!