A sneak peek into an SEO agency creative process – what inspires copywriters?


Like in any other business or company that sets its sight on delivering performance, a top online marketing agency’s team is interdisciplinary. In order to mark all the objectives and to deliver the best results to every client, an SEO agency must plan its activity on more than one level.

This means that different specialists within the team join efforts to deliver top quality services. SEO is regarded as a very complex online marketing activity, thus implying a complex approach. With that in mind, a top SEO agency like iAgency.ro has more than a few roles and positions in the team, all of them joining efforts into every project. Below you will find a list of the key positions within an SEO agency!

– Manager: he coordinates the general activity and has a clear view of all the processes that go into a successful marketing campaign;
– Junior / Senior SEO Specialist: he will carry on the research needed for developing efficient keyword planning and will help create or improve the client’s site architecture;
– Technical Officer: he will identify all the issues of a technical nature within the site and find efficient actions that can be implemented after the full auditing of the site;
– Web Developer / Web Designer: his job is to develop or improve a website starting with its design and ending with implementing changes and maintenance work;
– Copywriter: there are multiple copywriters in an SEO agency because they are in charge of creating written content for different pages in the site, blog articles, and press features;
– Content QA Analyst: he focuses on making sure that the texts delivered by the copywriters are original, the info within is accurate, and the texts don’t reach the publishers with errors or issues (punctuation, grammar, and so on);
– Media Planner: he is in charge of disseminating the texts in the online environment, focusing on building a monthly plan of sites that can publish the texts according to a specific budget.

Without undermining any specialist or position in an SEO agency, the copywriter plays a pivotal role in the on-page and off-page optimization process. No SEO agency can function without some copywriters that are proportional to the number of clients and the workload. Practically, the copywriters within the company develop written content daily, this content is used to sustain the optimization process and to help sites reach better positioning in SERP.

Because a copywriter’s work in an SEO agency is focused on volume, as well as original ideas, these guys need to create different and attractive content every day. It can be a daunting task, so they need some inspiration sources that they can trust. That being said, below you’ll find a list of tools that are extremely useful to your average SEO agency copywriter.

There are approximately 3 billion searches performed by Google every day of which 20% are completely new. This online tool helps copywriters stay in touch with the new searches and all of the interests of the target audience, delivering results in different languages and from different markets.

With the help of this online tool, SEO content creators discover some of the hottest topics on the Internet and can follow certain trends of the market.

This search engine can display some of the most common searches made in a field, along with some interesting and relevant demographic data regarding the targeted audience.

The list is way larger than this, including some tools and sites like Blog Idea Generator and Portent’s Content Idea Generator. Sometimes, inspiration just doesn’t hit you when you are brainstorming for a new approach. This is when these sources come in handy!