Comfort and air quality in the school environment greatly influence the well-being and even learning of students. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about the importance of air conditioning in schools to become pleasant, safe, and clean.

Considering that it is hot all year round in most cities and that girls, boys, and teachers need to stay in the classroom for at least five hours a day, let us explain why it is essential to install air conditioning in the classroom for cooling your home and school.

Air Conditioning At School Promotes Health

An excellent justification for purchasing air conditioners for schools is the students’ health, given the current scenario in which we live, with COVID 19. Health is the basis of everything! Understand how the device influences air quality in schools

The air conditioner has a part called a filter. When turned on, while refreshing, they purify the atmosphere from the environment.

The circulating air in the classroom passes through the filter that retains dust and other microorganisms dispersed in the room. Air conditioning in schools is a healthier environment, increasing air quality for all children and teenagers.

Prevents The Emergence And Manifestations Of Allergy

Some air conditioners come with an antibacterial filter. This piece promises to eliminate most impurities such as bacteria, fungi, and mites, thus avoiding the emergence of allergies and respiratory diseases. In this way, students are more secure in their health.

Eliminates Mold And Moisture From The Environment

In periods of rain and places with greater humidity, it is very common for students to suffer from the effects on the environment. The excess moisture causes a sensation of suffocation. Looks like the temperature is higher than it is. In addition, humid places are conducive to the emergence of mold and mildew, which are also harmful to students’ health.

Thus, an excellent solution is to install air conditioning in the classroom. Many appliances offer the Dry or Dehumidify function – which removes moisture from the air, making the environment much healthier.

Prevents Dehydration

The air conditioning in schools, to control the humidity of the environment, helps prevent dehydration through sweat. Children and teenagers performing activities and during hot seasons can sweat a lot in the classroom, a factor that causes discomfort compromises learning and even health.

Thermal Comfort Makes Learning Easier

Learning activities require concentration and effort from students. During classes, you need to be focused. When the environment is hot, the body feels: sweating, irritation, dizziness, and indisposition are some of the symptoms of heat. Imagine this situation in classrooms with many students, with moments of interaction and exposition of exercises.

And it is in this context, the importance of air conditioning in public and private schools comes into play. The equipment promotes thermal comfort, an essential factor for well-being, and a favorable environment for acquiring knowledge and dedication to classes.