All You Need to Know about IBA Approved Packers and Movers!!

Planning to shift your home or office and tensed how this complex task can be achieved? Need not to worry as many moving companies are there all over India to make the daunting and hassled task of moving an easier and simpler one. You will get a plethora of options to hire moving companies but how will you get to know whether which company is the most reliable one to plan your shift with. That is why; the concept of IBA approved packers and movers came into existence.

Whether you are searching for Packers & Movers in Hyderabad or Delhi or Pune, the one thing that must be searched in the companies for the smoother shift is whether they have any certification, authenticity, or validation. And, all this comes under IBA approval.

Here are some basic questions that you must be thinking about this concept. So, before jumping to the benefits of hiring IBA approved companies, let us get some basic information about this certification. So, let us get started:

What do you mean by IBA?

The term IBA stands for “Indian Banks’ Association” which came into existence on 26th September 1946 with a total of 22 members working in the organization. This organization is an association of Indian banks and other financial institutions of Mumbai and Maharashtra. It is now an association of a total of 237 Indian banks including Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Cooperative Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Foreign Banks, and Indian Financial Institutions having branch offices all over India.

What do you mean by IBA approved packers and movers?

IBA approved packers and movers are the relocation companies that are verified against certain norms for the moving services the company is providing to the movers. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the IBA, the companies get the certification and approval from the association and are considered better than those companies that are not certified.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that there are multiple cases of packers and movers scams and to maintain the balance and to provide the local people with the best ever experience of relocation by hiring moving companies, IBA decided to keep a check over the moving companies and their authenticity and working style. This gives birth to the concept of IBA approved packers and movers.

What is the main objective of IBA approved packers and movers?

There are two objectives for which the IBA is working. They are:

  • To develop, strengthen, and provide coordination to the Indian Banking System.
  • To provide assistance to the members of the Indian banks and financial institutions in the implementation of the new policies.

These objectives are general and do not vary according to the locations like for Packers & Movers Bangalore and Delhi, they both will remain the same.

Now, after all the basic information about the concept of IBA approved packers and movers, let us have a look at what are the benefits of hiring IBA approved packers and movers.

What are the benefits of hiring IBA approved packers and movers?

  • The major benefits that come with hiring IBA approved packers and movers are:
  • You get registered and verified packers and movers for the safer relocation.
  • By choosing relocation companies approved by IBA, movers get a team of professionals for the shift.
  • Also, IBA offers moving companies having vast experience in their field.
  • IBA approved companies take full responsibility for goods, accessories, and belongings.
  • IBA approved companies also provide the insurance of belongings and vehicles to save customers from any monetary loss.
  • IBA approved companies make the shift easier all across India as they have wide-spread PAN-India logistic networks.
  • All packers and movers approved by IBA complete all the relocation chores in a time-bound manner for ample satisfaction of the movers.
  • IBA approved companies are inexpensive and do not charge unnecessary amounts.

These benefits will surely make every move of yours hassle-free and more secure so that you can make your dream of shifting either your home or office come true without going through any problem.

Now, after knowing such amazing information about the concept of IBA approved packers and movers, you must be wondering from where to hire such reliable and trustworthy relocation companies. So, to make this tricky and daunting task easier and simpler, is offering its customers with a list of IBA approved relocation companies in every city across India so that everyone can relocate easily and without any hassle. Whether it is about hiring Packers and Movers in Ahmadabad or Mumbai or Delhi, this online platform can be a sure place to end your search on.