All you Need to Know About the Pearson Test of English


If you are from a non-native English-speaking country and are planning to relocate to Australia, language proficiency does come into play, and one of the best tests to sit is the PTE, which the Australian government accepts as a recognised standard.

The Pearson Test of English

The PTE is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Speaking
  2. Listening
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

When you wish to study for your PTE, there are online solutions that allow you the essential flexibility to study at times that suit you. Plus, you have the backing of an established institution that focuses only on the PTE, with a range of affordable study packages that include taking mock tests to assess your progress. If you are smart, you won’t sit the real test until you are very confident of achieving a high score, and by searching online, you can make contact with the best online PTE course providers.

Fully Automated Marking

The PTE test is marked by computers, which removes the risk of human error, and if you have an online support lined up, any problems can quickly be addressed. The test has many different question formats, including multiple choice, interpreting information and essay writing, making it a very comprehensive test.

Active Learning

Learning any language is not passive; you can’t simply sit back and be ‘instructed’, rather you have to take a proactive approach to learning how to effectively communicate in English, so practice at every opportunity and fully apply yourself to your study modules.

Mock PTE Tests

These are an essential tool to gauging your readiness to sit the real test, and by registering with an online PTE course, you will have the support of professional tutors who have many years of experience in helping people to pass the PTE test. If you would like more details about PTE preparation, simply Google ‘PTE preparation’ and you will get a long list of providers, and make sure you choose an established tuition provider.

Planning & Preparation

Once you have made contact with the online tutor, they will first assess your English language proficiency to get a good idea where to start. Then, with their assistance, you can book your PTE test, allowing enough time for you to reach the required level, and with online learning, you can complete the modules from home and you are not tied to specific lesson times. Taking the PTE test is never going to be cheap, and the last thing you want is to have to re-sit the test, which is why you should enroll in a PTE preparation course and then you can be sure that you are ready on the big day.

Close to the Real Thing

When you sit a mock PTE test, the real conditions are simulated, making the experience identical to the real test, and once the results are in, you and your tutor can go through questions you got wrong. Then, after a few more study modules, you can sit another mock test.