Are Indoor Plants Beneficial for Health?

Most of us have embellished our indoor spaces with green foliage plants and flowering pots to beautify the closed spaces. But, are you aware of the fact that plants in your home do not only work to provide greenery but also excellent health benefits? Well, yes, these living organisms (plants) interact with the surrounding environment, mind, body, and soul in ways to enhance the quality of life. 

Here’s a list of 6 benefits of having indoor plants in the vicinity of your home and office spaces. Take a look! 

1 Fresh Atmosphere: NASA carried out the clean air study in which it stated that certain house plants like spider plants, peace lily, snake plant, money plant, and many other species of home plants are potent in absorbing carbon dioxide, dust, and other harmful toxins like xylene, carbon monoxide, and more, thus purifying the atmosphere and helping you breathe fresh air that vitalizes your internal system. 

2 Natural Healers: Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Mint, Thyme, Gotu Kola, etc. are a powerhouse of wellness benefits which can be nurtured within your homes and offices. The aloe vera gel heals wounds, burns, and cuts. Holy Tulsi has been revered for curing malaria, indigestion, headache. Gotu Kola is the ancient medicinal plant for treating ulcers, skin problems. Thyme is beneficial for congestion, acidity. In short, by having these, you create your living space a haven of natural healers. 

3 Mental Health: Striking a balance between professional and personal life is indeed stressful. And, stress is the harbinger of many physical health problems. From hypertension to cardiac arrest, stress is the source of minor and major afflictions. But, if you have plants in your home, you are more likely to feel happy and healthy at mental levels because numerous studies claim that plants ease tensions by creating a positive and relaxed ambiance. 

4 Heightened Productivity: Do you wish to know the reason of your coworker’s soaring productivity levels? It could be the succulent or bamboo plant sitting at his/her desk. As plants help in reducing the levels of cortisol– a stress hormone in the brain, it leads to an improvement in the calmness, which in turn affects an individual’s capability to focus on task and creativity, positively. 

5 Restful Slumber: Sleeping is not enough. Having a restful slumber is important. But, we often find ourselves struggling for a good night’s sleep because our mind is busy juggling between past and future events. The vapor emitted from plants has a tranquilizing effect on the body and mind, thus preparing you for a good sleep. 

6 Sense of Compassion: You surely would love to know the secret to maintain relationships lovingly. Well, the solution lies in potted green plants that can be nourished within the walls of the home. When you care for your plants, you get a sense of compassion. And, when you start applying this compassion in your relationships, you learn the art of making them work healthily. 

So, if you haven’t potted plants indoors, do it for the wellbeing of your loved ones.