Benefits of using an Intra-oral scanner


Dentistry has evolved, and with the development of machinery, it has increased to a higher peak. It has made the function of dentists easier and their patients satisfied and happy. One kind of machinery that has improved the field of dentistry and its use and is now highly sought after is the use of an intra-oral scanner under the dental labs nyc.

It is a gadget used to capture optical imitations for the dental lab. Since its introduction, this machinery and its procedures have dramatically improved and diversified the dental profession. Majorly the positive response from the dental fraternity has led to the growth in the usage of this impression method under the denture lab near me.


The dental sector has seen disruptive and paradigm-shifting technology changes because of Cayster. With the evolving norms and requirements of the dentistry industry, it is a platform that aids practitioners in remaining relevant and competitive.

The utilization of this machinery has improved because the previous methodology used had more flaws than credits. Some of its spots include the following;

  • It was time-consuming: It would take quite some time for the dentist to capture the correct dental impression and mold it to the patient’s perfection.
  • It would make the patient uncomfortable: The old technique was quite messy, leading to the patient’s discomfort under the dental labs nyc.
  • It was inaccurate: More often than not, a patient would be required to come more than once to the dental clinic to recapture his dental contours for accurate molding.
  • It was not pleasant: Often, the patient would gag or be left with an unpleasant aftertaste in their mouth.

The benefit of dental patients

  • Time saver: Unlike the previous technology used in dentistry, IOS has proved to be fast, thus saving time. The advent of intra-oral scanners makes the patient not sit in the dentist’s chair for hours to get treatment.
  • Safe: During the scanning process, no harmful radiation is emitted, thus being safe for the patient being treated.
  • Accurate: The scanner accurately produces and captures our teeth’ exact shape and contours, thus enabling the dentist to give appropriate and proper treatment at the denture lab near me.
  • Comfort: It guides patients gagging and some choking, directing to significant discomfort under the dental labs nyc.

This approach has proved to be quite agreeable as the patient’s teeth are scanned within a few minutes of the patient time under the denture lab near me.

Benefits to dentists

  • Time saver: This technology enables a dentist to treat as many patients as he can in a short period compared to the previous technique, thus leading to more patients and more money under the dental labs nyc.
  • Safe: The IOS does not emit unwarranted radiation, thus safe and secure for dentists to use on their patients.
  • Efficient: It allows the dentist to treat his patient well within a short period.
  • Accuracy: This IOS uses the most advanced 3-D video technologies that capture the exact shape and contours of the teeth. It enables the dentist to have the correct picture and dimensions of the patient’s dental to give the proper and appropriate treatment under the dental labs nyc.
  • Simplified procedure: Procedures of capturing impressions are simplified in a way that if the dentist is not convinced with the data of a listed appearance.
  • Accessible communication with the patient: When executing this method on patients, it permits them to feel more comprised in their treatment, thus constituting more effective contact with them under the denture lab near me. Also, the hype about technology gives them the sense of having had the best medicine, and they would mention it to friends and acquaintances under the dental labs nyc.

The intra-oral scanner has been applied in the various dentistry departments to fabricate restorations, diagnose, and customize prostheses, surgery, and orthodontics under the denture lab near me. Although it is majorly utilized for diagnostic objectives, other functions involve;

In prostheses – It is utilized to make imitations of preparation of natural teeth for fabricating a wide range of prosthetic restoration.

In prosthodontics – It is used in fabricating implant-supported restorations and capturing the 3D position of dental implants under the dental labs nyc.

It is also used in digital smile design applications and for fabricating obturators in complex cases.

In surgery – IOS is used to detect all details of the occlusal surfaces with the utmost accuracy. It is a valuable tool in orthodontics for diagnosis and treatment planning at the denture lab near me.


The IOS has more benefits in contrast to the previous technology. First, it reduces the patient’s discomfort and stress with medication. Moreover, they are acceptable and have greatly clarified dental procedures for the dentist and the patients involved under the dental labs nyc. Although it has its limitation in detecting buried margin lines in prepared teeth, and also it’s pretty expensive to purchase and manage costs at the denture lab near me.