Countertops reviewed: Answering top questions about quartz!

Talk about top countertop materials, and many interior designers will recommend two basic choices – Quartz and Granite. Contrary to what some people may believe, quartz is a manufactured or engineered stone. Quartz is made of ground natural quartz mixed with about 5% of polymer resin. Many people end up comparing quartz and granite, because both are versatile and suited for extensive use. There are practically endless finishes you can find in quartz countertops. If you have been wondering whether quartz is a good choice for kitchen countertops, we have answers to some of the common questions. 

Is quartz durable?

Absolutely. Quartz is as durable as granite. In fact, quartz has the advantage of not cracking or chipping as easily. 

Will quartz countertops get stained?

No, quartz is nonporous, and hence, there is no question of any staining. It is also incredibly suitable for kitchens where countertops are expected to be more forgiving. 

What about maintenance?

Quartz can be cleaned easily with damp cloth and a mild soap. The material can withstand most detergents, which is an advantage. Natural stone countertops do require sealing, which isn’t the case with quartz. Compared to many other countertop materials, quartz doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance. However, manufacturers may have a few recommendations about the range of chemicals and products that must be avoided, and these guidelines are worth following. 

What are the other advantages?

Quartz can get stained, but that isn’t a major concern. It fares as good as other countertop materials for the kitchen with regards to stain resistance. You can be, however, assured that most kitchen ingredients will not impact its value or appearance. Quartz is in high demand, so investing in these countertops will enhance the value of your home in the long run. There are also no additional concerns related to cracking when it comes to installation. 

Is quartz better than granite?

That battle is eternal. Some people just love granite, while others are more interested in quartz. Granite, being a natural stone, does have a few shortcomings. No two granite countertops look the same, so if you want a more uniform look for your kitchen, there is no denying that quartz is definitely a better choice. 

Final word

Do your homework, get estimates and decide on quartz, based on the theme you have selected for the kitchen. Overall, this is a great choice for countertops, although this is not the cheapest of the lot. If you don’t mind spending an upfront high cost, quartz will offer assured returns.