Does Hair Transplant Cost Depend On The Technique Used For Surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more popular which were once confined among the celebs. Nowadays, aesthetic concerns are considered one of the most common discussed and searched topic among people. Good personality and looks are not only required for successful personal and social life but also for a good professional life. In many jobs which are client facing, healthy scalp could be an important requirement. 

Temporary remedies seem exhausting after a point of time and people deviate towards a permanent solution which is only one “hair transplant”. Hair transplant is a life savoir for those who are facing hardships due to hair loss. Hair transplant is one and only solution for hair loss permanently with extremely natural look. 

Earlier the hair transplant techniques were not that efficient and were not capable of providing natural outcomes and resulted as plugged hairs. But now with the advent of innovations in these techniques have made it possible to achieve extremely natural results if performed by expertise. Hair transplant is basically a restoration procedure which involves harvesting of follicular grafts along with surrounding tissues and their plantation at the recipient bald site. 

Hair transplant in Mumbai is quite expensive being a city of celebs. Thus, getting hair transplant done for commoners and struggling celebrities becomes difficult for them as they run out of pockets. Along with it, there are few renowned hair transplant surgeons in Delhi and Jaipur which are well known for their skills. Therefore, people from all over India and worldwide lure to these destination to get their hair transplant done. 

Hair transplant techniques 

The hair transplant is performed using two techniques which are distinguished based on the graft harvesting procedures. These techniques are chosen majorly based on the number of the follicular units required for the procedure in a particular patient. 

FUT hair transplant technique (strip technique): FUT hair transplant technique is performed by removal of a thin strip from the donor area mainly the back and side of the head followed by which they are sent to the graft separation room for further dissection retrieving individual graft. These harvested grafts are then planted at the desirable recipient bald site. From harvesting to transplanting, all the steps are performed under high loop magnification.

Earlier the technique was bit criticized despite many benefits because of the scar it produces after the healing. But now with the advent of recent advancement of suturing termed trichophytic closure, we can achieve almost invisible scar as FUE technique. This has made FUT a wonderful technique having added advantages over FUE technique. 

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant:

  • FUT technique could successfully provide higher number of follicular grafts approximately 3000 – 3500 grafts. This technique could be referred in extensive bald cases.
  • This procedure avoids shaving to a maximum extent and only the donor area might or might not be shaved which can be hidden completely under the existing hairs.
  • This procedure is charged less as compared to the FUE technique.
  • Multiple sittings are a provision with this technique.
  • Very less damage rate as each procedure is visibly done under high magnification. 
  • Almost invisible scarring could be achieved by trichophytic closure. 

FUE hair transplant technique (Follicular unit extraction)

FUE hair transplant technique is performed by extraction of individual follicular units comprising of follicular grafts and surrounding tissues from the donor area followed by their transplantation at the recipient bald site. FUE technique needs high precision to be performed as is almost a blind punching procedure otherwise it would lead to high damage rate to the follicular grafts. 

Facts related to FUE hair transplant technique:

  • This technique is used where there are requirement of lesser number of follicular grafts approximately 2000 – 2500 grafts. The technique could be preferred in initial bald cases or facial hair transplant.
  • The damage rate to the follicular grafts is high as it is a blind procedure. 
  • It also provides healing with almost invisible scarring if the grafts are harvested from a greater inter graft distance.

Does cost depend on the technique used for the surgery?

The hair transplant cost depends on multiple factors including sex of the patient, number of hair grafts required, extent of baldness, type of hair transplant and yes of course hair transplant techniques. The cost quoted for FUT hair transplant procedure is generally less as compared to the FUE hair transplant procedure. In fact FUT hair transplant technique needs a huge and expensive infrastructure, a separate Operatory and more manpower unlike FUE technique.  The cost of FUE technique is higher because of it is a more time consuming technique and the cost has nothing to do with segregating the technique into better or bad. 

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