Dr. Michael Everest: The Philanthropist Transforming The Lives Of Injured Veterans

Around 60% of veterans are suffering from musculoskeletal ailments that include back and joint disorders. Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) are common in veterans. SCIs affect the brain’s ability to transmit messages to other parts of the body. These injuries can result in chronic pain, loss of feeling, and paralysis.

The most common cancer diagnosis among veterans is prostate cancer. In 2014 alone, over 11,000 veterans were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Skin cancer is also a significant concern for veterans because of their higher cumulative solar exposure during service. 

Dr. Michael Everest is Providing Hope to Injured Veterans

For most veterans suffering from SCIs, they will have to contend with lifelong pain, suffering, and paralysis. That no longer has to be the case because of the cutting-edge SCI research that is being spearheaded by Dr. Michael Everest.

When he saw the pain that most veterans usually go through after patriotically serving the nation, Dr. Everest knew that he had to do something. All along, he understood that medical research and innovation had the potential to transform the lives of many vulnerable groups, including veterans.

Millions for SCI Research

By donating millions of dollars to SCI research through The Everest Foundation, Dr. Michael Everest hoped that eventually, many people who have used wheelchairs for years will be able to walk. 

Dr. Everest, just as he has done all through his professional life, empowered the leading medical researchers in the country to go out there and find solutions for SCI by providing them with all the financial resources they needed. Eventually, top researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine with the full financial backing of Dr. Everest were able to develop an exoskeleton device that has changed the lives of many disabled veterans and other groups.

Gift to Humanity

The exoskeleton device developed in partnership between Michael Everest and Icahn School of Medicine has enabled many SCI victims to walk again. Although Michael Everest has sponsored many research projects in the fields of stem cell technology, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and organ transplant, he considers the SCI project to be his most significant gift to humanity.

Cutting-Edge Cancer Research 

Cancer has been reported in many veterans who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf War, and Vietnam. That is because of exposure to toxic elements. 

Dr. Michael Everest is sponsoring cutting-edge cancer research that will be instrumental in treating veterans who have cancer.  This research will not only help veterans but the population at large.

Cancer is a global pandemic that affects people irrespective of profession, race, religion, or gender. Michael Everest believes that stem cell technology has the potential to treat cancer. That is why he has invested a lot of money in this area. 

Sacrifice is the Pinnacle of Patriotism

Dr. Michael Everest helping veterans is something that comes naturally to him. That is because he believes that there is no greater act of patriotism than sacrificing your life to defend America. He appreciates the thousands of soldiers who dedicate their lives to active duty so that America can stay safe. Military service is the greatest calling in the world.


Dr. Michael Everest is a patriotic American doctor who believes in the potential of medical research and innovation to alleviate much of the suffering in the world. He is the chairman of the nonprofit global organization, The Everest Foundation. Through this foundation, he has donated millions of dollars to help find solutions for leading health challenges. The foundation is also providing medical students with grants, scholarships, and fellowships to help them acquire the skills required to solve the most pressing medical issues.