Fence Repair 101

Fences lean for various reasons. It can either be an entire section of the fence or just one post that causes issues. However, it will require a fence repair to some extreme. Without a proper repair, the entire fence line can be lost completely. Whenever an apparent leaning is noticeable, this indicates a fence post problem. This is because the fence posts support the fence and keep it upright. It is important to have this problem fixed as soon as possible. Homeowner’s can fix their leaning fence on their own if they are only experiencing minor problems. More serious problems should be handled by a professional and should prompt an emergency fence repair.

Wooden fences lean because as it ages, it begins to warp. However, broken posts or posts that are rotted are one of the main causes of leaning fences. The rotting will happen beneath the ground level surface and will no longer be able to stand upright. Other times the posts are just not deep enough. Fence posts should always be deeply installed to help keep the fence secure and prevent them from moving. Posts that are installed shallow will lean shortly after they are installed. Post Holes that are stretched also cause fences to lean. Different ailments such as soft soil, weather, wind, and ground that is uneven put unwanted pressure on fence posts. This can result in the post holes becoming stretched which in turn causes the fence to lean.

Fence posts need to be made from a material that can prevent early rotting. If not, rotting will happen eventually. They should be installed in-ground that are strong enough to hold the fence together. Digging a fence out and replacing the entire thing may seem like a huge job. However, this method is the best way to repair a fence that has begun to lean. Rotted posts can be repaired by simply placing another post behind the broken or rotted one for much-needed support. This is just a temporary solution because it will need to be replaced eventually.

Posts that are not placed in the ground deep enough can be repaired by pushing them deeper into the ground or re-installing them so that they are deeper. One can also replace the fence with a new one and install the posts deeply. Stretched post holes can easily be filled with cement or gravel to help them stand up straight again. Nothing beats reinstalling the posts.

Warped fence parts could be the issue resulting in a leaning fence. If so, the fence line in its entirety should be removed and replaced. Homeowners should remember that fences need a strong support system. They will endure damage without it. Fences without proper support can end up falling apart or resulting in loose boards. Fences should be maintained every so often. Fence repairs should be taken care of if necessary. Homeowners that feel they need an emergency fence repair that they cannot take care of, should consult a professional fence company. Fencing companies that are experienced will get the job done accordingly and save all homeowner’s unneeded stress. Fence repair companies can repair the fence sometimes without having to replace the entire thing. It depends on the cause and the issue.

Leaning fences can be caused by several different things. Whether it be because the posts are not installed deeply enough or the posts have begun to rot, it is essential that these repairs be taken care of to prevent further damage.