Immigration happens to be a subject that many have to deal with in Houston, especially with regards to the hurdles it brings along for individuals as well as businesses. Therefore, in order to maneuver the complex immigration process, you should have access to some of the best immigration lawyers. If you’re looking for competent immigration law firms in Houston, we at Salinas Law Firm can help you with efficiency, integrity and professionalism. At Salinas Law Firm, you will get access to one of the top immigration lawyers in Houston.  Whether you need a fiance visa lawyer, citizenship attorney, or a green card lawyer in Houston, the Salinas Law Firm can assist you. Whether you’re a business looking to bring in workers from other countries, or an individual waiting to welcome their family to the United States, let one of the top immigration lawyers in Houston guide you through the entire immigration process.

Role of a Citizenship Attorney

citizenship attorney is aware of the current immigration lawsand policies and can, therefore, help in the reduction of errors and mistakes and improving the waiting time to get to an interview. Being among the most experienced immigration law firms in Houston, our citizenship attorney can help you with the following:

Application Denials

In case your immigration application was previously denied, an immigration lawyer can help you determine what went wrong and how to correct it. They can help you prepare a response to the denial and evenappeal the decision if necessary.

Previous Deportation

In case someone has previously been deported or denied entry into the United States, they should seek advice from immigration lawyer so that they can be informed regarding their case and obtain advice about the effects of a deportation. This is especially important because a deportation could mean that the applicant may be permanently banned from submitting applications in the future.

Medical Conditions

Having a medical condition may complicate the process for an individual seeking entry into the United States. When someone gets their application looked over by an immigration lawyer, they can guide and inform you what steps you can or cannot take when medical conditions are present.

Crime Convictions

Almost every USCIS form requires you to state whether you have been convicted of a crime or not. In case they have been convicted of a crime, the assistance of an immigration lawyer becomes vital. The applicant must disclose any criminal conviction and provide the criminal record. Immigration lawyers are aware of the overlap betweenimmigration and criminal laws, and can advise you whether or not you may be inadmissible because of a criminal conviction.

Terminated Marriage

In the event where the applicant was married to a United States citizen previously, but the marriage ended before the applicant was able to remove certain conditions from their permanent resident status, it will be to your advantage to have an immigration attorney by your side.Removal of conditions on permanent resident applications that are associated with a marriage are usually filed jointly. However, if a marriage ends because of divorce or death, it becomes more difficult to prove that it was not a fraudulent marriage and you may need a waiver.

Recent Divorce

Salinas Law Firm can provide you with not just a green card lawyer in Houston or a fiance visa lawyer, but also an immigration lawyerthat can assist if someone would like to have their permanent resident status adjusted butrecently divorced an abusive United States citizen or permanent resident spouse. If you suffered battery/extreme cruelty by your U. S. citizen or permanent resident spouse, animmigration lawyer can help a battered spouse file an immigration petition that will allow her/him to seek both safety and independence from their abuser.

Unreasonable Wait Time

An immigration attorney can assist you if you have been waiting to get your visa for an unreasonably long period of time. Deadlines and expected wait times have become more onerous since the pandemic, which is why having an immigration lawyer by your side can help you immensely. They can guide you with what steps should be taken in order to minimize long wait times.

Employer Non-cooperation

A good time to engage the assistance of an immigration attorney is when an employee may be trying to get an employment visa and the hiring company in question isunhelpful with the process. The immigration lawyer can work with company and explain the requirements and obligations in order to aid both the company and employee of their obligations and rights

Individual under the Age of 21

Based on the immigrant’s age, the eligibility criteria for permanent resident status can vary, and the same goes for the requirements for those under the age of 21. If the applicant is accompanied by their family and the person is about to turn age 21 before being granted permanent resident status,an immigration lawyer can assist regarding the best method for filing for the children of applicants.

What is the Process Followed by a fiance visa lawyer?

The K-1 fiancévisa is a nonimmigrant classification for foreign-born fiancés of U.S. citizens.The K-1 visa allows the foreign-fiancé(e)to travel to the United States and marry within 90 days of arrival.In the process followed by the fiancé visa lawyer, there are certain documents you will need to apply for the K-1 and K-2 visa if necessary.  In general, the documents needed at the K-1 visa interview include, but not limited to:

  • A completed online Nonimmigrant Visa Application DS-160.
  • A passport with a validity period that extends a minimum of six months past the intended duration of stay in the United States.
  • The birth certificate of the foreign fiancé.
  • Death or divorce certificates of any prior marriages for both the U.S. citizen sponsor and the foreign fiancé.
  • A medical examination.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Proof of the relationship between the foreign fiancé and the U.S. citizen sponsor.
  • Payment for the visa fees.
  • Evidence of financial support.
  • Police certificates from the present country of the foreign fiancé and all countries where he/she has lived over 6 months or more since age 16.