Get a Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Today

Why do you need a custom motorcycle appraisal? For one, it helps determine how much your bike is worth on the market if you want to put it up for sale. Also, a custom motorcycle appraisal can help you establish the right motorcycle diminished value. Need to get a loan to fund a project? A custom appraisal on your motorcycle can provide accurate collateral value for a loan. How about filing for an insurance claim? An appraisal report from a certified appraiser will make the process easier, faster, and smoother. 

Why Insurance Company Needs an Appraisal Report?

In recent times, insurance companies will only sell a policy to a motorcycle owner if they have a verified motorcycle appraisal. This documentation will help the insurance company process the policy offer a lot faster. Given the current situation of things, insurance companies think twice before handing out a policy to owners without an appraisal report if they discover that the bike has undergone a series of heavy modifications or custom-built. 

Thankfully, there are many companies offering custom motorcycle appraisal reports. No matter where you are, there is always one around you. Try to get your appraisal report from as many companies as possible so you can compare and contrast. Do not feel pressured into getting the first appraisal report which may likely be done by your insurance company. 

What Does Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Entail

An appraisal report includes well-detailed information about your vehicle, broken down into different categories such as inner and outer components. It will also include pictorial evidence and copies of research documents. An appraiser will conduct a thorough examination of the bike and its components including the customized accessories installed on it. The appraiser uses several resources and technologies to determine a fair current value. Also, the knowledge and experience of the appraiser matters as well. A custom motorcycle appraisal should include specific information about the car including history, upgrades, repairs, and any customization work done on the bike.

Here is a list of some of the things that might be checked to determine a proper value

  • The overall condition takes into account a look at several models to get an accurate result
  • The mileage is yet another area that will be checked. The lower the numbers the better. This means your bike runs less frequently on the road. Motorcycles with lower miles will cost more than the ones with higher miles. 
  • Did you buy the bike brand new or from someone else? This is to determine if the bike was properly taken care of while with the previous owner if possible. 
  • They will also check the bike tires. Worn out tires especially in the center are an indication that the owner drives more often on freeways. Tires worn clean to the edge tell you that the rider takes pride in aggressive sports riding. 
  • Oil check. How clean is it? Is it up to the recommended level? Is it recommended oil? This can be checked by using a dipstick.