How Can You Avoid Attack by Wasps?

Often many of us tend to believe that wasps are a little more aggressive than even bees. Wasps are omnivores and have short tongues. Almost like bees, they also need sweet carbohydrates, which is their main energy source, however, the nectar present in most of the flowers is not accessible to them.

Generally, they source their protein from meat that they obtain from insects, spiders, or any other arthropods. Catching them needs a certain skill and they may succeed only 30% and hence they take an easier option whenever possible. So, if you go for a picnic in some remote area and carry fast food with you then it may attract them.

Wasps have a very sensitive sense of smell and taste. Therefore, when they find the presence of food particularly on the skin then it is very attractive to them. In addition to that we humans are also a source of meat, that can also lure them to bite us.

Therefore, you must be a little careful and use the services of any local wasp pest control service, if your area gets infested by the wasp or you notice any big nest in your surroundings. It can be quite dangerous for your children.

How to avoid wasp attack?

1.     You must bathe daily and wear clean clothes

Wasps may get into a frenzy when they smell sweat and hence you must ensure that you take bath regularly and wear clean fresh clothes so that you do not attract their attention particularly during the summer months. If you sweat then try to wipe it off immediately.

2.     Wear light-colored clothing

Prefer to wear light-colored dresses. Generally, wasps instinctively get threatened by looking at any dark colours. So, prefer to wear white, cream, tan, or gray clothing most of the time. Avoid wearing brown, black, or red clothes. Wasps will see even the red colour as black, and feel threatened.

3.     Wear clothes that will cover your body as much as possible

Try to wear clothes that will cover your body as much as possible. Prefer to wear long-sleeve shirts, pants, and covered shoes whenever you walk outside so that wasps will find fewer areas for them to sting. During summers, wear breathable fabrics to avoid overheating.

4.     Wear tight clothes

It is better to wear tight clothes so that it remains to your body. Also, tuck your shirt in your pants, wear socks along with your shoes. If you have got long hair, then tie it back so that you can avoid trapping wasps.

5.     Avoid scented perfume/deodorant

It is always better to avoid using scented perfume or even deodorant. Generally, wasps are very sensitive to smell and get attracted to flowers. If you use perfume, cologne, or even deodorant then its sweet smells will attract these insects. They will try to fly near you.

You must also discuss with pest control Manchester to find ways and means to make your place safe from any wasp or bee attack.