How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media

If you are the owner of a small business, you have probably thought about whether you should be using social media at least once, and the answer is yes! Social media is not only a great tool for large businesses and corporations, but can also be highly beneficial to the small and local businesses, holding the ability to capture high volumes of traffic and custom.

Social media can be one of the best tools a small business can use in terms of marketing, and the best thing is, it is affordable, even free! If you want to start using social media for your business, here is how you should get started:

  • Create a uniform social media presence for your company, representing who your company is and what you do both online and offline
  • Make sure that your social media pages have the best profile and cover images in place and that these are of the highest qualities
  • Use a graphic designer for assistance to ensure that your graphics are up to scratch
  • Get inspiration from big marketing campaigns
  • Try and attract new potential clients by making sure geo-targeting is set up accurately
  • Encourage customers are clients to check in on your social media pages when they are with you
  • Connect with like-minded professional in your industry and courage them to engage with you on your social media pages – You can even ask them to share your content
  • Diversify your marketing efforts – see where your customers really are make sure that you are targeting them and catering for them
  • Consider all social media channels and determine which are the most beneficial for your individual business
  • Repurpose old content – You can share old content, providing that it is quality, on social media as many times are you want
  • Make your time and money count – us Facebook ads to make sure you get the most out of your posts
  • Invite people to like your social media pages, both by inviting your friend on social media and email all of your past and current customers

If you are a small business owner and want to ensure that you are utilising social media in the greatest way, however simply do not have the time. Don’t worry our Digital Marketing Agency Lancashire experts are available to assist.

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