The humble pizza pie has revolutionized cuisines across the globe and makes significant influence and appeal to many crowds that no other dish can match. No matter what your favorite pizza is, it is often a menu item you would ask for.

Generally, pizza lovers like this Italian dish served fresh; however, a lot of people overlook that a day-old pie can taste just as great. Whether you want to add pizza to other ingredients for a new recipe or serve it new, leftover pizza is something you can still enjoy the following day. Here’s what you can do with your leftover pizza:

Making Pizza Melt

To make pizza melt, you need leftover pizza, a griddle, a spatula, provolone, and mozzarella cheese. Place every pizza slice you bought from Double Pizza on a griddle. While the pizza cooks, place the cheese and provolone on one slice. Press the slice on top with a metal spatula and flip after three minutes. This will give you a warm pizza melt instead of cold leftover pizza.

Make Pizza Lasagna

Pizza and lasagna are comfort food favorites that create the ultimate dish to warm anyone’s stomach. Leftover pizza can be transformed into a romantic dinner by serving up leftover pizza lasagna. Just layer some thin-crust slices of pizza into your lasagna and bake both dishes into one another to come up with an experience you can share for a memorable dinner. Enjoy it with a glass of red wine and you and your dining partner can forget you are consuming leftovers.

Making Chinese Pizza Rolls

You can make this dish by using some Chinese roll-ups, leftover pizza, and grated cheese. Sprinkle or distribute the take-out food over the pizza slice and sprinkle the grated cheese on the surface. Then roll up the slice and bake it on medium-high heat for 8-10 minutes. 

Adding Pizza to Salads or Soups

Making Pizza Fries

To make pizza fries, you must make leftover pizza into dippable shapes. You must cut the pizza into strips and bake them until crisp. Enjoy the fries by dipping them in pizza dipping sauces such as mayonnaise, Italian dressing, barbecue sauce, ketchup, marinara sauce, and more. 

Reheating your Pizza

If you don’t want to try any of the ideas above, you can just warm your pizza again without being soggy. You can do this by cooking it on a skillet. Just place the pizza face down on a skillet and wait for two minutes. As the cheese begins to melt and form a crust, flip the slices with a metal spatula.