How to set up a room for elderly parents

The responsibility of taking care of your elderly parents can be managed with a lot of care and love. Making a warm space for the elderly members of your family can be a joyful act. However, a lot of careful attention and considerations are required when planning their room.

With careful decision-making, one can create a relaxing and loving ambiance for their parents. Here a few tips and tricks on setting up a comfortable room for your elderly parents.

  • Using attractive colors: A room for the elderly does not have to compromise on aesthetics. As elderly people tend to spend more time in their room, choosing a good color for their room can be beneficial. It can uplift their mood and also add a sense of serenity. Use rich shades of warm colors like yellow, orange, gold, or brown. You can also use texture paint designs. It is important to ensure that the color is neither boring nor overstimulating to the eye. Finding the right balance is the key!

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  • A bed with optimal height: It is important to choose a bed with considerable height for your elderly parents. The height of the bed should be appropriate for your parent’s height and should make it easier for them to get off and on the bed. Depending on their height, a height between 20-25 inches should work. When in the sitting position, their feet should rest on the floor with their knees at right angles to the floor. Additionally, a handlebar to support them to rise from the bed can be a good accessory.
  • Slip-resistant flooring: falls are the biggest risk while caring for elderly parents. A good way to ensure that your parents move without fear of such accidents is by replacing your smooth tiles and floorings with anti-skid flooring techniques, such as wood and laminates. The texture and fixture will offer a good grip and help in avoiding the risk of falls.
  • Good lighting: With age, your parent’s eyes will require support. Letting a good amount of sunlight into the room is essential. It is also vital for their health to keep the area airy and spacious. Apart from natural light, one should ensure there is a good amount of artificial lighting in the room as well. Dim night lamps and bedside lamps can be a great help should they need something in the night.
  • The right furniture: another vital consideration is to select furniture based on their preferences, comfort, and physical abilities in mind. Well-spaced arrangements, a rocking chair, no sharp edges, or glass elements are some of the essentials to ensure their comfort and safety.
  • Accessibility: Keeping their age in mind, using a convenient side table and drawer, and keeping things at hand’s reach is very important. Bedside lamps are essential. Switches, an emergency phone, medicines, water, etc. should be easily accessible to them at all times.


Lastly, add small little but safe décor options, like hanging family photographs. Such personalizations will add warmth to the room and they will always have a reason to smile!


Incorporate these tips when planning and setting up a room for your elderly parents and make them feel comfortable, cared for, and loved!