Incomplete Eyelid Closure Can Be Treated Easily Through The Following Steps

Eyelids are susceptible parts of our body, so many disruptions can happen when they have undergone surgery. Many side effects can occur, which will end up in incomplete eyelid closure after surgery (หลับตาไม่สนิทหลังผ่า, which is the term in Thai). After surgery, bruises cause pain, which may result in swelling, and sometimes paralysis of facial nerves can cause these symptoms. So here, in this article, we will discuss the causes and the remedial measures that need to be taken.

Why Do We Need Eyelid Surgery?

This surgery is mainly known among those with small droopy eyes or some abnormalities on their eyelids. Through the surgery, the surgeon will help make your eyes prominent. Few of us want double eyelids, so injecting filler will help you get the shape. This surgery can be temporary or permanent. In a permanent one, the surgeon will cut the extra muscle from the eyelid to make it even, or the addition of a few muscles will help make your eyes distinguished.

Why Does The Eyelid Remain Open After Surgery?

Lagophthalmos is the name of the symptom that results in Incomplete eyelid closure after surgery. So, if this occurs, it’s essential to consult a doctor immediately. He will examine the symptoms with proper care, whether the patient is affected by them or not. The doctor will use various tools to measure the gap between two eyelids and how much force that person is applying while blinking. The patient will undergo various tests to see whether any eye has been damaged.

How Can It Be Resolved?

Continuous open eyelids can cause numerous complications, like:

  • Vision Loss
  • Allergic
  • Corneal Ulcer
  • Dry Eyes

Doctors will apply a few ointments or teardrops, which can help. Still, if the situation persists for a prolonged period of time, a certified ophthalmologist will undergo surgery to loosen the muscle so that it can be adjusted to the eye muscles. Moreover, while performing eyelid surgery, an improper technique is used to remove the eye bags from the lower eyelids; this leads to a lot of anxiety. The doctor then needs to fix the muscles so that the eyelids work properly like before.


Before the situation worsens, it’s best to get treated as early as possible by consulting an ophthalmologist and getting treated in the best clinic, which is technologically advanced and can cure patients instantly.