Lineman Tools List In 2020

Lineman tools are essential for workers to be able to complete the required tasks in a timely manner and to stay safe on the job site. Because a lineman’s job requires a wide range of tools, it is impossible to cover every single one of them that is utilized on each job location. Additionally, there are several companies that will provide their employees with a range of the tools that are needed for their jobs. However, there are still other tools that individuals will want to invest in for their own professional and personal collection.

A Lightweight Wrench

For instance, an extremely valuable tool for a lineman’s job would be a set of flexible work gloves. These gloves protect employees’ hands and allow them to grip onto wires, tools, and climbers to work properly high up in the air.

Climbers and Gaffs

Other top lineman tools for the job would be climbers and gaffs. These devices allow workers to easily access poles and complete tasks properly. In fact, these are perfect to place on any boot in order to provide a safer work environment.

Wire Brushes

A workman’s toolbox is never truly complete without a high-quality pair of wire brushes. These wire brushes may be a smaller tool, yet they are some of the most important tools to have on any job site. These brushes ensure that lines are free of debris and eliminate possible power outages and bad connections. Typically, these wire brushes have two sides to them. One side is designed for copper cables while the other side is for aluminum cables.

Cutting Tools

Linman cutting tools are extremely valuable when on any lineman job site. These tools allow workers to cut wire easier and faster, making the entire process more efficient. Overall, linman cutting tools reduce safety risks and allow jobs to be completed to a higher quality. Many of these cutters are offered in battery-operated or hydraulic models, depending on worker preference.

Two Of The Top Cutters

  1. Gear Driven Cable Cutter with 2 inch jaw opening: Ability to cut pieces of cable that are copper and aluminum all with a simple touch of a finger.
  1. Gear Driven Cable Cutter with Notched Blade and 2-1/8 Inch Jaw Opening: Tool used specifically for Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, ACSR, cables.

Other Valuable Tools For The Job

In addition to linman cutting tools, there are also many other tools that offer great efficiency on the job. These tools include but are not limited to wire brushes, tool sets for faster connections, headlamps, LED flashlights, versatile pliers, hydraulic tools, hard hats, insulated gloves, climbing belts, boots, hot sticks, safety glasses, harnesses, and fire-resistant clothing. This list is certainly not all-inclusive as there are numerous tools needed for a lineman’s career.

Endless Tool Options

This list of top Lineman tools for 2020 highlights some of the handiest equipment for a lineman’s day-to-day career. These tools serve workers so that they are more efficient and safe as they complete their given tasks. Because there are so many tools, this list is not all inclusive of every device on the market that can be purchased for a lineman’s daily work; however, this is simply a starting point of some of the most popular and beneficial tools that have the ability to make jobs much easier to complete.