Mission Viejo Home Sales Drop

Mission Viejo contains some of the most desirable properties in Orange County and all of California, making market declines or a drop in sales an opportune time to buy. As of October 2019, median home prices in this community were $740,900, which is far above the national median home value of $231,700. Though homes are pricier in Orange County, recent declines in sales present buyers with opportunities.

Mission Viejo Housing Prices

According to Zillow, housing prices in 2019 have gone up .5 percent in the Mission Viejo area. This equates to market stability, but sales have declined presenting an opportunity for buyers. Forecasted home appreciation for the coming year is estimated at 2.9 percent. With a decline in sales, there are opportunities for buyers to be selective about their home purchase. There is also more room to negotiate a purchase price, which can equate to big savings over the long run. Buying in Mission Viejo can be competitive, so taking advantage of market dips is key for success.

Days on the Market

The average number of days that homes will be listed on Zillow is 76, as of August 2019. However, 18.6 percent of homes listed on the site have registered a price cut as of October 2019. This is important to note, because the price cuts indicate a buyers’ market and flexibility in purchase options. The average days on the market has risen since the summer months of 2019. It is an indication of the challenges facing the market after the popular summer months. However, there is always an opportunity to buy real estate despite the season. This is where experience and familiarity with the market takes centerstage.

How to Buy Real Estate

The value of using an experienced, well-qualified real estate agent when buying property cannot be understated. Whether it’s preparing market research, finding communities with low crime rates or identifying developments friendly to investors, trained agents can help buyers make the right decision. It takes a trained eye to find the right opportunity, even in a buyers’ market. Real estate professionals can also expedite the purchase process, making sure all paperwork is completed accurately. There is no reason for a deal to fall through or stall out, because real estate education is readily available.

To learn more about real estate and the process of buying, selling or investing, enroll in a Mission Viejo real estate school today. With recent declines in housing sales, there is an opportunity to capitalize on affordable properties. Real estate education is the key to navigating the market successfully.