Your puppy, just like human children, needs to be trained on how to do things and follow instructions. At Phoenix Dog Training, we have been offering Scottsdale residents high-quality Pet Obedience Training services for close to three decades. As a result of our consistency, we’ve become, in the opinion of many Scottsdale residents, the go-to Scottsdale puppy training company.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Experienced Service

Before settling on a particular puppy training company, it’s advisable that you ensure it has well-trained and adequately experienced trainers. This is because well-trained and experienced trainers usually deliver as required, unlike their lesser trained and inexperienced counterparts. At Phoenix Dog Training, we boast a team of canine trainers who have over 85 years of combined training and experience. Time and again, using the broad knowledge they have earned over the years, our trainers have proved to be pretty good at training puppies. Given that this is the case, it’s safe to state that if you choose us as your preferred Scottsdale puppy training company, you can expect nothing short of experienced service.


When looking for a puppy training company, you should look for one famous for its honesty. This is because trainers hired by honest puppy training companies are usually reliable, trustworthy, and upstanding individuals. At our beloved company, we value honesty. Thus, if you hire us, you can rest assured of being catered to by a trustworthy and upstanding trainer. With one of our trainers handling your puppy’s training, you need not worry about being kept in the dark or being misinformed. From the very moment, he/she will take charge of your puppy, our trainer will keep you updated. In case of any development, he/she will inform you without omitting any important information.

Desired Results

Although there are a good number of Scottsdale puppy training companies in business, it’s essential to note that not all of them are as efficient as they claim. As a company, we are keen on ensuring that we deliver our clients results they can be proud of. Judging by our impressive record of performance, if you select us as your Scottsdale puppy training company of choice, you can rest assured that we will deliver you your desired results.

Pocket-Friendly Charges

In the past, many Scottsdale residents preferred to train their puppies themselves more than to enroll their puppies in puppy training classes, as the existing puppy training companies charged expensively for their services. However, since our founding, the trend has changed. This is because, at Phoenix Dog Training, we offer affordable services. Hence, if you give us the chance to tutor your puppy, you need not worry about incurring a massive bill.

At Phoenix Dog Training, we understand just how difficult choosing the right puppy training company is. Thus, we understand that when selected, we must deliver. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with one of our trainers, kindly call us at (602) 769-1411.