Recent Amazon Prime Video releases to watch with your family

Having access to multiple OTT streaming platforms can be quite amazing. You get a massive variety of shows, movies, documentaries, etc., to choose from; but how do you know what to watch when there are several new releases almost every other day? Yes, we agree that keeping track of the latest shows or movies can end up being a challenge. 

Are you thinking ‘what to watch’ this weekend? Do you also have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video? Well, then you are in luck! Here are the most recent Prime Video releases that we think should be on your watchlist:


Riches is a TV show that spans the ultra-luxurious life of an extremely powerful family. Stephen Richards is the long-standing patriarch of the family who has built a massive empire on the back of beauty products. However, he suffers a stroke and soon enough, the family’s dark side comes to light. Because of all these new revelations, the empire that he built is at stake. Watch as the family tries their best to survive the storms that come their way.

Three Pines

Inside the scenic Quebec village of Three Pines, chief inspector Armand Garnache looks to investigate some secrets that have long been buried. While searching for the suspects, he also faces a few of his own ghosts. However, he does possess a few special traits that others do not which give him an edge. But will he be able to find his target? Or will his demons get the better of him?

Your Christmas or Mine?

Here is a romantic movie that will surely melt your heart away this Christmas. The story involves Haley and James, who are quite young and in love. In an attempt at surprising their partners, both make last-minute decisions to swap trains. However, this ends up in hilarious consequences. Your Christmas or Mine? is surely something that we would like to watch with our families or special ones.

The Peripheral

Here is a mysterious sci-fi TV show that you can binge-watch during the holidays. Set in a distant future, technology has altered society very subtly. You follow the story of a young woman who discovers the portal into an alternate reality. However, she also realises that a dark future awaits her.

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