Role of AI Integration in Indian Education

In the tech-oriented age we live in, instead of being skeptical of the rising influence of technology, most industries have decided to embrace it. The utility of Artificial Intelligence is one such concept that has made our jobs a little easier and studies more efficient. Teachers and students all around the world are reaping the benefits of AI integration in their curriculum, and the best CBSE schools in India are certainly not behind. 

AI Integration in CBSE Student Curriculum

While tools like AI, machine learning, data analysis have been and are revolutionizing the education sector. The New Education Policy 2020 decided it is time for students to get comfortable with the concept, the importance, and ethical concerns that come with subjects like Artificial Intelligence. 

On the other hand, International schools in India are training their teachers to be well acquainted with using Technology and its tools like AI. The CBSE curriculum, while partnering with IBM, has decided to orient their students with it from an earlier age, and has introduced AI as not an academic but a skill subject. 

The Applications of AI Integration in Education

Tech-oriented notions such as Smart Learning, AI, and digital technology altogether have been envisioned to increase efficiency, boost productivity and revolutionize the entire Indian Education System. 

Here are a few ways, how AI can be used to achieve this boost in education:

·       Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Not every student’s learning pace or suitable approach is the same. AI can make sure during and post-school, every student is individually catered to with information reaching them personally. AI can also learn and evaluate a student’s needs and build the ideal learning program for them and also steadily track and monitor their progress, reporting to the teacher accurately. 

·       AI Tutoring

The very concept of AI is to imitate and exhibit human attributes. While teachers cannot be always present for each student throughout the clock, in the absence AI can take over and guide students as they need. Whether while working on their assignment, or for interacting with curriculum-related information, learning basic essential skills, AI assistants can help students as and when they need. 

·       Aid Teachers in Administrative Tasks

A major portion of the teacher’s time is spent performing non-teaching duties, which AI can help by automating. Tasks like grading papers, handling study materials, interacting with parents, and many more can be AI-powered and automation of these can help the teachers significantly with their time and work management. 

·       Better Inclusivity

Traditional classrooms always result in some students falling behind, whether a sick absentee or anyone with a different pace for learning. AI can help by making sure no one has to skip classes, and also individually assist students along their path of learning adapted to their needs. 

Artificial Intelligence is today’s reality and to integrate it fully into the Indian Education system, every individual from school principals to students must be sensitized to the workings of it, to utilize it to their optimum advantage, And that is what the best CBSE schools in India are advancing on.