Safety Tips To Remember For Your Leisure Deck

It is the time of year when many people are enjoying being outdoors. Backyard barbeques, family gatherings, football parties, and any other reason to be outside with friends and family, enjoying the cooler weather. As you and your loved ones get outside you will want to make sure that back deck that you built a few years ago is safe and sound. Years of rain and/or snow can result in rotting of your decking causing loose or broken boards in the floor and railings. But never fear, there are many Los Angeles leisure deck waterproofing contractors to choose from. While you will want to have a professional check out your deck’s safety compliance, there are some checks you can start with doing yourself.

Homeowner Concerns

As the homeowner, you will want to protect yourself from liability as well as make sure everyone is protected from injury while on your property. Taking some precautions and inspecting your leisure deck before a get together is always a wise choice. Many Los Angeles leisure deck waterproofing contractors are licensed and insured as well as possessing a vast knowledge about permitting, quality materials, excellent craftmanship, and warrantied work. Before you hire someone to repair or rebuild your deck, you can do the following self-inspection:

  • Check all of your railings. There should not be any loose or rickety bannisters or boards. Railings should be at least a 36 inch minimum height and boards should not be more than 4 inches apart.
  • Decaying or splitting wood is an indication of rotting or possibly wood-destroying pests. A good way to look for wood that is softening, is to use a sharp item such as a screwdriver or knife. Attempt to push the sharp tool into the wood. If the wood is too soft, there won’t be much resistance. Make sure you check the entire deck, especially the wood that is right next to the house as well as the supporting framework of the deck.
  • Loose nails can be a trip hazard and can be an indication of rotting. Replace any rusted or loose nails, screws, or anchors.
  • Gutters should be clean and free of debris. Water should not be allowed to pool anywhere on the deck.
  • Make sure all of your lighting is working correctly, and that any grills or cooking areas are clean of grease or build-up.
  • Hose down the deck and if necessary, pressure wash the surface. If there is mold or mildew, you may need to call someone to treat the deck and waterproof it for you.

Although this is not an all-inclusive list, it is a good start. Enjoy this fall season with a secure deck area – you won’t regret it!