The Best Winter Activities in Tampa

Tampa is one of the most incredible cities in the county.  Not only is it a cultural hub for people of all ages, but it’s also an awesome place to live!  Whether you’re into the beach scene or you’re curious about what else you can find here: these are the best winter activities to try in Tampa this year! 

Check Out the Zoo for Christmas in the Wild

Every year in December, ZooTampa offers Christmas in the Wild!  This wonderful event allows kids to explore the zoo while it’s seasonally lit to be a gorgeous fall scape that will leave anyone fascinated with these fantastic animals.  

Although this costs $5 per person, and you need to make a reservation to ensure the event doesn’t get overcrowded, it’s worth it!  Your kids will remember how fun this event is for the rest of their life, and 

Have Fun Indoor Ice Skating

The best way to burn off some steam after looking at Tampa apartments for rent is to go indoor ice skating!  This awesome sport allows everyone to enjoy the fun of skating, keeping active in the winter, and showing off their balance and skill, while getting to be indoors out of the weather.

Ice skating isn’t possible outdoors in Tampa, except on artificial rinks, so indoor ones are a great option for anyone who wants to have fun!

Enjoy Christmas Town in Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is a regional theme park similar to Six Flags that allows families to cut loose and have fun!  The best part of this park is that in the winter, you get to enjoy a Christmas-themed version! 

Christmas town has drinks, decorations, and even events based on the holiday season!  This is fun for family members of any age who want to let out their inner child a little.  If you’re ready to get in the holiday mood, this is where to do it!

Go Shell Hunting On the Beach

One of the best parts of being in Tampa in the winter is that you get the beaches to yourself!  Since this is the official off-season, there are far fewer people who try to get out here to explore the beaches.  Instead, you can cut loose and have a great time without the crowds!

This means that some shells that are harder to find in the summer since they’re quickly snatched up will be easier to find and have less competition.  You may find a full conch or sand dollar if you look long enough.

Explore the Gingerbread Village at Glazer

Glazer Children’s Museum offers a chance for kids to walk through the second floor and check out a huge Gingerbread Village!  This village was made by local artists and showed the creativity of the community in delicious bite-size pieces.  Not only is this a fun way to make sure everyone can contribute to the museum, but it can make the season a little more magical for some kids!

Tampa is Incredible Year Round! 

Tampa is one of the top vacation destinations for a reason!  Consider stopping in and exploring all of this soon!