Top Five Physics Tips to Help You Get Through the Exam

In order to score high marks in physics exam, it is crucial for you to follow the tips outlined below. Make sure to take the time to review the tips listed below, and you’ll be on your way to earning the highest score possible. Following are the tips:

Mind Maps

Create a mind map of a topic. A mind map explains how things are connected. Write down the keywords and draw lines between the ones that have a concept of variable in common. Making these connections helps to study concepts thoroughly.


Study your definitions. Look into the syllabus and highlight every time it says ‘define’. Take a recent past paper question that has that word or command in it and not the answer in the mark scheme. For example, know what is resistivity and similar important concepts because the definitions of such crucial topics are frequently asked in exams. Making a list like this is an excellent exercise and is a natural source of points.

Annotate your syllabus

Take a print out of the syllabus and write a brief note on each part of the margins. This is a great exercise to consolidate what you already know and will make you feel more confident in what you know.

Units and Symbols

Physics is a subject full of units and symbols. Do you know all the units and symbols? Make sure to look through all the units of different parameters.

Answer all of the questions

In the exam, try not to leave a question blank. Try your absolute best to get something down, take time to think, even if it means going back to the question again and again. This way, your subconscious mind will continue to ponder.

Physics exam is notorious among other subject exams because of its robust content and extensive reading list. Still, every year, thousands of students take this exam and pass it.  Don’t get bogged down in the details of the exam instead appreciate the problems that you solve and study in class. Think about them in terms of their incredible scientific contributions to today’s technological advancements. Get lost in the astonishing power of physics, and you will undoubtedly find success in the Physics exam.

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