Two Most Common Signs of a Bad Paint Job

Every adult knows things don’t always turn out how you planned. Even experts can sometimes make mistakes when dealing with new paints or surfaces. Fortunately, this is where the two main differences between amateurs and experts occur.

Experts can realize their mistakes faster and have a better grasp on fixing problems. Here are some ways you can recognize when a painting job isn’t quite going right.

Two Most Common Signs of a Bad Paint Job (And When To Hire a Professional House Painter)

Irregular Colors And Spots of Uneven Application

After you step back from a newly painted surface you may see streaks of different colors. You may also notice patterns from the wall underneath the paint or spots where the old color is visible.

While it may look horrible at first, this is usually an easy fix. Certain kinds of paint may require thorough mixing or shaking before use. Other kinds of paint are made to be used over a primer. Either way, the solution is usually to use another coat of properly shaken paint.

Bumps, Bubbles and Uneven Surfaces

These problems generally come with some kind of texture. You may have paint bubbles forming under the paint, or perhaps the rough drywall is still visible. This might be a little tougher to fix.

You will need to first identify the cause. The texture could be related to the painting surface, temperature, moisture, or other factors. You will likely have to let the paint dry, sand down the texture, and then repaint.

As identifying the problem could be complicated, this might be the time to seek professional help.

Fixing every painting challenge is simply a matter of expertise. If you want your rooms painted perfect the first time, you may want to consider a professional.