Type of Tubes Required for PRP

One of the most recent developments to strike cosmetic and medical fields is platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP treatments can address a wide range of issues, from skin renewal to wound healing. However, the preparation for a PRP treatment is largely responsible for its success, with equipment and supplies like the PRP tube taking centre stage to obtain the ideal blood platelet concentration required for a PRP injection.

Different Tubes Needed for PRP

Centrifuged Tubes – Vacuum Sealed 

The majority of PRP preparation procedures involve taking a sample of the patient’s blood, centrifuging it, and then withdrawing the platelet concentrate into a syringe for the PRP procedure. A blood centrifuge vacuum-sealed tube is necessary for operations like this, whether PRP gel or sodium citrate anticoagulant is used. A vacuum-sealed tube ensures easy platelet recovery after the procedure and reduces the possibility of contamination of the blood sample or the PRP serum.

It is easy to buy PRP tubes, but they should always be bought from reliable sources because quality matters a lot to retain all growth factors and nutrients in the PRP. At Plasmolifting World, you can purchase PRP tubes from Italy. More than 600,000 doctors have already used these PRP tubes which is their core product, and more than 10,000,000 treatments have been requested. Along with PRP tubes they also sell, needles, syringes, PRP gel, serum, and other things that are included in the PRP kit.

Blood Collecting Tube 

Additional medical blood collection tubes are required for various treatments that need the manual addition of a substance before the centrifugation process. Blood collection tubes are helpful if the practice uses various blood platelet techniques, such as plasma-rich fibrin matrix therapies. More blood collection tubes are always useful to have on hand because the addition of a fibrin matrix may need additional work with the blood sample.

Importance of Good Quality PRP Tubes 

  • Any contamination during the procedure has the potential to harm the patient or reduce the benefits of PRP therapy. The chances of contamination are significantly decreased by using proper PRP tubes.
  • Centrifugation tubes and containers with PRP certification perform better. It ensures that platelets can be easily distinguished from other blood components.
  • PRP tubes have characteristics, such as a buffy coat layer or a gel separator, that make it easier to separate the unadulterated PRP serum from the remainder of the sample. This significantly expedites the PRP process and eliminates the chance of giving the patient a plasma sample that would hurt the treatment’s results.

A blood platelet-deficient plasma with a low protein level could result from selecting an ineffective kit. There are several reliable commercial PRP kit brands available today, but the machine’s ability to produce a powerful concentration of blood platelet-rich plasma is the most important factor to consider. If the patient has a high blood platelet concentration, the PRP treatment may not be as effective.

Always buy PRP tubes from a reliable source instead of dipping quality by choosing a cheap retailer. Check their licence and registration to ensure they are trustworthy sources.