What Exactly Do Global Financials Reports Comprise Of?

Most organisations today, have multiple business partners across various countries. However, assessing those business partners before onboarding them can be a big challenge. It is imperative for companies to get global financial stability reports of their prospective business partners, to safeguard themselves from various kinds of risks associated with doing business across borders. Now, given that every country has specific financial reporting standards and filing requirements, assessing the financial performance of different businesses across various international markets can be a challenge. Further, since filing requirements and laws across countries are subject to changes from time to time, it becomes almost impossible to maintain a long-term, standardised view. That’s where Global Financials can help.

Giving you access to powerful data and insights, with over 140 million financial statements at your fingertips, you will be able to analyse and compare the financial performance of companies, prospects, customers, suppliers and partners across the globe, in a hassle-free manner.

Why You Need Global Financials

Standardised data: One of the key benefits of the D&B Global Financial Stability Reports is that it gives you an accurate, standardised view of financial data for various international markets. This means you don’t have to gain proficiency to decipher and comprehend complication filing formats.

Gives you the ability to export data: You can use the platform to search, analyze, and list information and then export the data you need. This is applicable across industries in different markets for various financial criteria.

Local details of financial statements are available: Global Financials also gives you access to local views of different financial statements through your web portal, whenever needed.

Live daily rates: You can work with any international currency of your choice with live daily rates.

Helps you tailor your analysis: You can use the Global Financials platform to create your own financial ratios and derivatives, which helps you conduct analysis as per your internal standards.

Global capability: D&B’s global capability helps collect accurate data feeds in real-time and reformat the data so everything is standardised. Further, if the local reporting standards of any country changes, it is immediately updated on the platform.

How Can Global Financials Help Your Organisation

Now that you know what the Global Financials platform is, you may be wondering how to use the data and reports to benefit your organization. Here’s how it can help.

M&A strategy: Is a global merger or acquisition of another company on the cards? Global Financials help analyse and benchmark a number of prospective acquisitions, helping you make the right choice.

Finance: You can review the financial reports of all your business partners, customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. across the globe in one standard format so that you can make quick and better-informed business decisions.

Procurement: For businesses that need to procure goods or services from various countries, Global Financials can help benchmark suppliers and allow you to assess them based on comparable balance sheets, profit & loss accounts and ratios.

Leverage insights and data from Global Financials to ensure you always choose the right business partners globally. All you need to do for this is reach out to Dun & Bradstreet for a demo.