What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne


So you’ve decided to buy outdoor furniture. That may seem like a relatively simple thing to do, until you set foot into outdoor furniture stores and start feeling completely overwhelmed by the massive amount of choice on offer. Start with looking at your available outdoor space and think about how you want to use it. Will you have lots of guests over? Or will it be a private nook for yourself and your partner? Will you want a table to dine at, or just a small side table for a cup of tea or two? Below are some important points to consider when buying outdoor furniture in Melbourne

 Style of Furniture 

The style you choose for your outdoor furniture in Melbourne is completely up to you. You might like traditional or classic styling, or perhaps something more contemporary or minimalist. If you’re not sure where to start with style, it can be useful to look at the style of the inside of your house. If your home is very old, then something classic might work well. But a modern home might point to equally modern outdoor furniture in Melbourne. Don’t just settle for utilitarian plastic chairs; use your outdoor furniture to make a statement about your home. 

 Comfort of Furniture 

There’s no point having the most stylish items from outdoor furniture stores if you can’t sit on them for very long due to a lack of comfort! Make sure you try sitting in the furniture you’re thinking of buying while you’re still in the store. Outdoor furniture stores won’t mind if you sit on their items as long as you’re serious in your intent to purchase something. As well as doing the sitting test, keep in mind that hard surfaces will be less comfortable and might need cushions to make them easier to sit on for long periods. 

 Weather Resistant Furniture 

Another consideration when it comes to outdoor furniture in Melbourne is the weather resistance of any items you buy from outdoor furniture stores. The furniture you pick needs to not only be stylish and comfortable, but also able to stand up to outdoor conditions in your local climate. Certain materials will need more care and maintenance than others to keep mildew, rot and rust away, making it important to keep in mind the weather conditions of your backyard or patio area when you choose your furniture.      

 Easy to Clean Furniture

When furniture is out in the elements 24/7, it can quickly accumulate dirt, grime, bird poo, mildew and mould. If you choose furniture that is simple to clean, you can make things a lot easier for you. When walking around outdoor furniture stores, think for a moment about whether your preferred items will be easy to clean, and ask the store clerk how to clean the items if this isn’t obvious to you. Make sure when you buy outdoor furniture in Melbourne that you get all the product information that instructs you on the right cleaning products and procedures to use.