When Do You Need A Copper Pipe Repair

Replacing copper pipes can be quite a hassle. The amount of money and work you have to put into replacing the pipe, even when hiring a professional to replace it for you, is sometimes too much to handle. However, there are times when you can no longer ignore the problem at hand. If you need to repair or replace copper pipes in your home or business, you need to jump on it immediately. Here are the important warning signs that your pipes need attention.

Low water pressure

If the water pressure has gone down significantly, this could mean many things. You could have clogged pipes, the pipe could have a leak, or it could be damaged and need replacing. However, you should give it a day or so to see if it is a problem with your pipes, or a problem with the water in your area. Sometimes the water pressure can go down if a lot of people in your area are also using that water pressure. But if you know for a fact that this isn’t a city issue and instead a personal one, you should hire someone to look into it.

When the pipes are making more noise than they usually do

Loud pipes are one of the most reliable signs of pipe damage. The pipes could be louder due to the fact that they are leaking, are a little bit loose, or damaged. If you notice a significant change in how loud the pipes are when you are running the water, you should call a professional copper pipe repair service to take a look at the pipes. In more extreme cases, if your pipes are making noises and you aren’t running any water, you should call someone immediately because you probably have a severe leak that needs to be taken care of quickly before it causes any permanent damage.

Discolored water

If your water seems to have changed colors recently, this can be a sign of needing to repair or replace your copper pipes. The reason the water will change color is because somewhere in the pipes, there is an opening and copper is getting into your water. This is not necessarily dangerous at first. But if the water is colored, even slightly, you should try to avoid using it or drinking it until someone can look into the issue and get it fixed.

Water that suddenly smells weird

It can be normal for your water to have a scent, especially if your area is known to have plumbing issues every few months. However, if you have never experienced this and the scent is entirely known, then you should look into your pipes for the answer as to why it smells. The copper from the pipes could be causing an odd smell and it will most likely need to be looked into by a professional.

Despite how small the issue may seem, you should never try to repair or replace a pipe by yourself unless you are properly trained. These pipes are a lot more important than they may seem. They carry your entire water supply throughout your home or business. If something were to go wrong, you could have a flooded home, or contaminated water. Only if you know what you are doing should you work on the pipes alone. But even then, you should look for a second opinion just to make sure that you are doing the right things.