Why People like to Modify their Cars?

There is no limit for modifying cars, for the potential of people is infinite. We are amazed at their cars after modification. But why they want to modify their cars? First of all, we must know the benefits of the modification?

  1. You can have your own dream car through modification.

First of all, cars with different models are not sold in every country. For example, the 10th generation of Mitsubishi’s EVO, the Chinese market only introduced the CVT (automatic) version. For the fans who love cars with performance, they will inevitably spend money to change to MT (manual) version. In their eyes, CVT is an insult to performance cars. However, there is no such version in the domestic market. Importing a Japanese-style car or a US-standard car requires a lot of money and goes through complicated procedures. In this way, modification is obviously very economical.

Therefore, you can see lots of car modification on the street: Wing God is changed into EVO10 generation, Ling Yue is changed into EVO9 generation, Ling Shuai is changed into EVO4 generation, Civic is changed into Civic type R, Lao Ma six is changed into MPS6. BMW 3 series is changed into BMW M3 etc.

  1. Through car modification, you can make some friends with the same interest.

Everyone has his/her own hobby. If your hobby is running, you can easily find someone who has the same interest as you. However, car modification lovers belong to a minority group. Most of them are not understood by families and friends. After entering the car modification group, they meet friends who support them and exchange ideas for better modification. So they could become good friends easily.

  1. You can have a happy mood through the modification.

We are happy when we are doing the things we love. Modification, of course, can achieve psychological satisfaction. Watching a car evolved in their own hands, just like their own child growing up. They will certainly be happy in the process of modification.

  1. Substantial benefits can be obtained through modification.

The interior modification can make the driving atmosphere of the car better and make the car more advanced. By upgrading the suspension system, power system, brake system, exhaust system, intake system, ECU advanced, lighting system, etc., the car has better performance and better to control. The appearance of the modification can make the car look more distinctive, showing their attitude towards beauty.

2019 Popular Modification Part

First, the door can be automatically closed, which means that the owner does not need to repeatedly confirm that the door is closed completely.

Second, when passengers are unable to close the door, such as children, they only need to close the door with small strength, and the system of the suction door will take over the rest of the work. This is also very convenient for female car owners who close the door gently.

Third, closing the door violently is annoying. I believe many car owners will be upset when they see others getting out of the car and then closing the door strongly. Now the electric suction door can reduce this situation. Every time you just push the door gently, it will automatically close completely. It both saves strength and protects the car!

Modification is not a rare thing. It does make our car more advanced and comfortable. If you want to enjoy the benefit of car modification, start with some small modification like the electric suction door, power tailgate, automatic headlight, one-key lifting.

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