Why Small Businesses Need Hybrid Cloud Solutions


In today’s world, we have fortunately been gifted the ability to use advanced technology to our advantage for business. Many business people today can agree that without the technology we have available today, they would not be able to do as much as they can now. With advanced technology comes with businesses being able get things done more quickly and accurately. 

And since we are moving into the decade of 2020’s, businesses are going to have even more advanced business tools such as; cryptocurrency assets (virtual money), advanced chatbot services for customers (instead of having to hire humans for customer support), and of course more options for virtual payments. 

Although many of the examples above are going to be very important for businesses to keep in mind in the near future, it is critical to pick the right computer cloud solution for business.There are many different cloud solutions available today, but the best option for small businesses is going to be that of Hybrid Cloud Solutions. Here is why small businesses should consider Hybrid cloud over other cloud solutions:

What Are Cloud Solutions In The First Place?

Before we can go into details of why small businesses should consider using Hybrid Cloud Computing solutions for their small business, let’s talk about what cloud solutions are. Cloud solutions or also known as cloud computing is one of the most advanced ways today to collect, manage and store data into the computers software. 

Unlike the old days where businesses needed floppies, USB or hard disk drives to access stored files, cloud solutions allow people to store and manage information virtually. This is one of the reasons why technology experts call it cloud computing because the data is virtual and more flexible rather than being tangible with less transferability. In a way, it’s like a floating cloud of information that can easily carry information from one server to the next. 

Using cloud computing is also better for businesses because it enables multiple users from different internet connection pools to use multiple apps. In other words, cloud solutions can help cut down businesses work time by nearly half.

Why Hybrid Cloud Computing is Better Than Any Cloud Solution for Small Businesses

Now that you know what cloud solutions are and why its ideal for businesses to use it to their advantage, it’s important to know which one to choose. There is currently public cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid Cloud Computing for data management.

 Public cloud solutions will obviously give the public access to stored data which is no doubt not a good idea for any business to give access to. Therefore public cloud solutions wouldn’t be suitable for any profitable business to choose since it is not secure. Private Cloud Solutions may sound like it is a good match for small businesses but it is mainly designed with highly secure data storage particularly for medium – large corporations/ companies and governmental agencies. 

And there is no way for any kind of public sharing, which makes it quite limited to sharing data. Hybrid cloud however is an excellent option for small businesses since it allows certain information to be public, and other data private. It is very flexible, adjustable and puts a balance between what needs to be shared and what needs protection. 

For instance, small business employees need to still have access to emails and certain accounts , while clients financial and personal information will be private. This makes Hybrid cloud solutions the best pick for small businesses that need a balance of both public and private information storage, especially for businesses with an employee system in place. For more information and details about using Hybrid Cloud Solutions for small businesses, go to Top Benefits of Hybrid Cloud For Small Businesses .